Levinson 26S question

I am looking for a Levinson 26S preamp to go with my 23.5 amp and 25S phono preamp. I understand there are two or three models of the 26S. I'd be grateful if someone could explain the difference between the models and advise which would be the correct one for streaming, open reel tapes, and vinyl given my existing Levinson components? Also, I've noticed several ebay listings for a Levinson 26L or 26SL (sellers usually in Japan). Are these versions of the 26 or the 26S?

I also have a related question - how would a pair of ML-2s compare to the 23.5? Would the ML-2s pair well with the 26S or would an earlier Levinson preamp be a better match?

many thanks!

There are only two models, the ML26 and ML26S.  The "S" version has premium parts and a teflon circuit board.  Each model can be ordered in three different configurations; regular line level camac connectors, balanced and phono.  The three configurations cannot be mixed.  Often, you will see a suffix L, B, P after the model number to denote the configuration. 
Thanks very much.

Would I need the balanced version to run streaming, tape players, etc. Is the balanced version referred to as a 'control preamplifier' or does that designation apply to all three variants? And I assume the 25s phono preamp can be used for vinyl without a further preamp in the system? 

apologies for my woeful lack of knowledge on these matters:)
Unless your streamer and tape player only have balanced/XLR outputs, I would look for a regular ML26 or ML26S with single ended RCA inputs.  (earlier ML26 versions had camac connections, but you can get rca/camac adapters)