Levinson 23.5 vs. 331 amplifiers - warm vs. cool?

Hi. I just bought a Levinson 23.5 amplifier, based primarily on hearing a friends 331 and liking it. I can't get over how much heat the 23.5 generates compared to the 331 - it is by design, or is it more heavily biased in Class A type operation ? Also, the manual says that this amp ( the 23.5 ) can be left on all the time - would this be advisable given current hydro rates ? Any comments would be appreciated. thanks.
Does it give off a lot of heat at idle? The owner's manual should state how much power it uses when left on at idle.
That's a nice amp, how does it sound compared to your friend's 331? Personally if that's the amp I was going to run I would deal with the electric bill and leave it on all the time. Both because I think my 27 sounds much better when it has been on for at least 24 hrs. and, only my opinion, but I think the stress of heating and cooling on an older amp is worse than any heat degradation.
I believe the older Levinson were biased higher into pure class A. I like the sound of the 23.5 better than the 33X series. All SS gear will sound best if left on all the time, whether it is advisable is up to you pocketbook.

the 23.5 gets very hot period, whether you're playing music or not, so it definitely needs adequate ventilation. no way i would keep it on all the time, but you could leave it on when you're going to be home for awhile. imagine how hot the 20.6 (pure class-A monoblocks) would get- again, they would need a well ventilated air-conditioned room. but i think these are superb sounding amps, regardless of what came before or after. some people are never satisfied, but that's their problem.