Levinson 23.5 and Biamping Gurus?

I am so far very happy using my 23.5 with newly restored Magneplanar Tympani IV'as.

The system sounds great and the amp seems to have reserves of power to where I can barely crack the volume -- even in a pretty big, very high ceilinged room.

Nonetheless, the more I read about the much smaller Maggies slurping monstrous amounts of current, I wonder if I might be missing something.

Could anyone advise me on adding a second 23.5 and bridging them? That would obviously add gigantic amounts of power and I am wondering if this would take the Maggies to new heights.

To really get fancy, maybe 23.5's bridged and Audio Research tubes on the mids/treble?

It is always fun to buy more gear but I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone might have.

Thank you.
Hello Cwlondon,
It is not always good idea to bridge the amps. Yes, you will get more power (200Watts X 2) but you will also double the THD. Bi-amp is a better alternative, but are you willing to deal with crossovers, amps matching issues. Unless the speakers you have come with active crossover, I don't think it is worth the trouble.
What about "bi-amping" with matching ML 23.5 amps?

Didn't mean to further confuse the issue with SS and tubes etc, but basically wanted info on the benefit of using two amps with Tympanis.
I am using mark levinson 23.5a and conrad johon premier 11a. to biamp my Tympani 4a.If you biamp your speaker, it will provide more dynamic and details.I will agree not to bridge your amp .Although 23.5a could make your speaker sound loud,it will need much more power to control your speaker to make it sing.
I'm biamping my 23.5's as left and right channel.A friend is suggesting a vertical biamp.One for both bass+one for mids+highs. He also likes the idea of using an ML3 for the bass as they were "supposed" to be better at it.
Any thoughts on which is better?
I use my 23.5 on the bottom of a bi-amped system, with a Gamut D200 on the top of both sides. Need to be careful that the output levels of both amps are reasonably matched. My impression (and multiple reviews) suggest that the 23.5 has lots of control over the bass, but a "dark" sound on the top. I would tend to agree, but overall this is a wonderful amp.
Cip57 --

Are you saying that a 23.5 may be loud, but won't make the IVa's "sing" by on its own?

Does those of you familiar with this strategy agree that biamping is a good idea but bridging is not?

If I biamp, are there recommnedations for a second amp instead of a second 23.5? And which active crossover should I buy?

For preamp, you can see in my system list that I have an Audio Research SP-11 Mk II.

Thank you for more suggestions. I am still a bit confused on how to really get my Tympanis to "sing".
hi, I am bi-ampin my Duntechs for the moment and I am very happy with it. though I had (still have) some matching problems with volume and also to blend the amps together.
It tookme a while to find out that my ocos cable is usable again. so mainly I think it is realy a matter of mathing and trying and desingning. have fun with it, succes!