I am considering getting a Levinson 335 stereo amp, but I have read many posts implying that an FPB 200/300 is far better than the Levinson 335. Due to where I live I don't have a real chance to do a good in-home comparison of both amp so I have to rely on external reviews and users. Thanks for your help MD
When you get into an amp at this level personal bias and the it way interreacts with your system makes others views unreliable. The general view I've seem indicates the Krell is a little more detailed and the Levinson a bit more laid back. Anyone who says either one is a boat anchor compared to the other must have had a real system mis-match as there not that much difference. I own a 335 and can tell you it's a great amp overall. The only thing it doesn't do as well as a tube amp is bloom. Notes don't float in the air and decay as long as they did on my ARC VT 100MK2. But, my Watt Puppy 5.1's like the power of the 335 and the tonal colors are as good as the ARC. In my system and to my ears the 335 is great. If I had say B&W speakers then the Krell might be a better match.
I have a No. 332, the predecessor to the 335, and I am very satisfied with it. I listened to both Krell and the Levinson prior to purchasing. I found the Krell to be more forward, aggressive and harsh than I cared for. I don't mean that it is a bad amp, it is very good, just a little too much for my taste. My speakers are B&W 801 III's and the 332 really brings them alive. You will be making a good choice with either amp, just listen very carefully to each before buying. The other thing to consider with either of these is interconnects and speaker cables. Be prepared to spend some time listening to cables before settling on some, they will make a world of difference with Both Krell and Levinson. Good Luck , Doug
I have a 335 with B&W N802. I used to own a KSA200S. Funnily, unlike egrady, I found 335 much more detailed than 200S. But then, it can be due to my room, cables, etc. I fully agree with Doug that cables make a world of difference. So, while contemplating which amp, put aside some $$$ for cables.