Leveling a suspension 'table

I have a Thorens TD-166 MkII with the Thorens arm and Ortofon OM10 SE pickup. It sits on a cheap rack which itself sits on my thinly carpeted cement cellar floor. The problem is that the floor is very uneven. I would say the top of the rack, upon which the Thorens sits, leans to the right by about 2 or 3 inches when compared to the bottom of the rack. I know it is very important to fully level the platter. For now, I have been using pennies, stacked up and wrapped with tape to get the TT level.

My question is: Without spending a ton of money, is there a more elegant solution to this problem? I would need leveling feet that could be adjusted by at least an inch up or down.
First, it would be good if you have adjustable spikes on the rack that go through the carpet and bite into the concrete subfloor. Then, if that's not enough, get/make another shelf out of some heavy material (like butcher block) and set it level on top of the rack using nylon wedges (in pairs) that you can get at Ace Hardware or Home Depot.