***Lets Talk Smart Phones***What Do You Us???ANY Set Up & Optimizing Tips For Audio???

Dragged kicking & screaming into the SP era & using a $50.00 LG for many years now,recent events have motivated me to downsize/upgrade my mobile audio kit.No more phone & separate DAP with corded headphones or IEM's.Taking delivery this coming Monday of an NOS,LG "G8x ThinQ"single screen(128GB/6GB).This is the version with the Sabre Quad DAC & Full on Voicing by Meridian Audio.Everything is optimized for sound quality straight out of the phone & I will be using the factory LG Media Player to access the 1400+ songs I have on Mini SD transferred from Foobar 2000 in FLAC & WMA lossless...Any tips on setting up the LG Media Player for best audio?
 How about setting up Bluetooth as I intend to use BT5.0 headphones,any tricks to getting the best signal out to the cans?I will be using only a few Apps like Tune In(IF we ever have sports again),Google Music Play,Yahoo email,Weather and a few others but I don't watch video or game so all that memory & processor can focus on BT audio out...
 How about your mobile rig,is the phone the main source & what headphones  do you use?
I only use my iPhone as a music source when in the car, connected to my car sound system. Usually with Tidal, or to stream a radio station, which would be typically non-music. 

Other than that, I don”t consider my phone an audio source, and probably never will.
Yep, my smart phone only works well as a controller for operating the Roon interface in my music server.  Even in a car the sound quality sucks compared to a CD.
If I was forced into using my phone as my source the first thing I’d do would be to get something from the Audioquest Dragonfly line of DAC dongles, or something equivalent.
I use an iPhone 8 w/256G of memory. Listen on headphones to Tidal/Qobuz/Amazon downloads via a Chord Mojo. Pretty darn good.

Bought 2 Apple HomePods and set them up as a stereo pair. Combined with the iPhone (and decent WiFi) it makes a nice minimalist stereo setup. With a sound quality that - to my ears - far exceeds a setup costing much more. I listen at my desk in the near field and I am often surprised at how much I like what I'm hearing. 
Well, I got the LG V20 and it has a built in DAC and man the sound is FANTASTIC and with the new LG V60 you can listen to Tidal in MQA!!!
and it has the real impact to drive my Grado Can's, IPhone can't touch this in sound Quality, Free your mind Grab that LG V20 V30 V60