Lets replace my Klipsch La Scala Speakers

So after 2 years of trying to make them work, they just aren't the speaker for me. Here is some detail so you can help me decide what to move to next.

My room is untreated and 12X13X12
Sources: Vinyl and Dac both tube driven
Preamp and amps are all Tube Driven
Amps are: SET 7 watt and 2 different push pulls 20 watts from one and 60ish from the other
Music : Blues,Classic Rock, Indie, Some modern, some heavier rock ,and just discovering how good Jazz can be

I have tried:
solid state amps,crites crossovers, ALK corn-scal-wall crossovers, svs subs added,horn loaded subs added, Schiit Loki in line, toed in toed out. Corner loaded, pushed together, I even moved my room 90 degres to try and get a better sound out of them. Trust me I have tried it all.

Here is what I liked:
Huge soundstage 
You are there live at times when listening
Love being able to hear the detail they offer
Love the bass when present

Here is what I disliked:
They can get shrill quick 
They are so revealing music can sound just bad (I realize that should be a positive, but it isn't)
Very bass shy
They aren't "warm" at all. There is no real thickness to the mids. Detail, but not thick.

We are going to sell this house eventually so I do not want to invest a bunch on treatments for the room. I have 2 other speakers that can be run. Some older Polk Monitor 7A that are actually pretty impressive, and could have the crossovers updated and a few other things to really make them shine if I wanted to. I realize they aren't a Hi-Fi speaker but they are balanced and warm/musical. The other option is the Decware DM947 speaker system. It's good and fairly new to me so I haven't decided to keep or move them down the road. So far they are laid back with some nice sparkle. They image really well and are very forgiving of the room and the recording I am listening to. 

So let's hear it! What did you replace your Klipsch speakers with, or what are you using that matches what I am after. 

With the amps you have and room size, Tannoy may be what your looking for. It would be great if you could demo a pair 1st. 

"You are there live at times when listening" 

That is quite an achievement for any loudspeaker. I'm guessing you'll have to give up a fair bit of sonic immediacy and life when making this change. No loudspeaker does it all.

But if greater midrange density is what you want I'd also suggest trying a large Tannoy DC (a 12/15 incher to stay in the same ballpark as your La Scala's). Your listening room is almost exactly the same as mine and I would never accuse the Tannoy's with their lovely fat midbass of sounding thin. 

If you're able to find a used pair of DeVore 0/96s or 0/93s within your budget, that might be another option.