Lets fight Part2

I wuold like to know, Who it is that always likes to give negative votes for no reason at all? If its because I always praise the same product then thats because I giving my honest opinion. Audiophiles are like equipment if you ask them what they think we interject what we like best, So we all have our own sonic characteristics and will portray what we feel inside. so to all you negative voters either STEP UP OR SHUT UP!!! If you dont want to reveal your self then dont vote..
WOULD (sorry)
I don't know of any past ratings but I rated this one as
childish. I rated it as poor.
Get over it.Who cares what people vote.Speak the truth and be content.If others dont like it so what.
I would rather fight than give negative votes, but sometimes I do give the -2 /-2 punch! I get into brawls here now and then but usually it starts out Im protecting myself or someone else.If I get pissed off I let the "negs" fly, but not at random...
I presume that you intended to mean "likes to give negative votes for no reason at all?", to you, right?

With your level of aggression and monothematic view of audio, what makes you think they have no reason?

I've read a number of your comments, and I think they're simplistic. However, I can't remember ever "rating" anything you've said. I try to keep my opinions to print, rather than in the closet.

I too own a 335, and like it very much. I don't think it's the best or only approach to audio. I also don't think my other Levinson equipment is superior to everyone's equipment, just different.

So, opinions apart, you're pretty arrogant. Huh?

Bill E.
We rat on ourselves so you even the score? Or maybe it is so you can send us vulgar emails off-thread loaded with foul language and insults? I haven't popped you since that ridiculous Levinson thread (and today), but I suspect it is because you attract so much attention to YOURSELF. I suggest that noone even get near this thing. This is a tarpit.

1. Not guilty of any of the above charges.

2. I trust you don't really believe that the guilty parties actually are going to own up to it, do you?

3. One reason I think Audiogon instituted the voting is so that people could avoid getting private e-mail laced with vitriol the likes of which many of us have received from you after publicly disagreeing with you. Hence, the whole point was so people COULD object to a post and preserve their anonymity for whatever reasons they may have for doing so. Your demand that they reveal themselves is patently contrary to the intent of the process. I personally didn't mind you e-mailing me directly, I think that's better than brawling in the group. Others don't feel that way, perhaps hoping that what we say in public might be somewhat more restrained (though historically that hasn't proven to be the case). I can appreciate both perspectives, but you have to respect others preferences just as surely as you demand respect for yours.

Ultimately, the voting thing is bogus, dangerous and effectively uninformative, but if giving negative votes makes someone feel like they are participating, well, fine and dandy for them. I don't know if anyone has been banned from the site yet because of their negative ratings - thus far it seems A-gon is intent on just suggesting people cool it on specific threads or topics. Doesn't seem overly onerous to me, but I shall remain alert for further developments.

I didn't mean to start a fight with the orignal LETS FIGTH thread, just looking for some comments of why people have to give them. How can you rate an opinion? The truth of the matter is it is just an opinion. We all have different setups in our home and with my long quest for the ultimate setup, I have been to about 12 different dealers. I live in new hampshire and have traveled to maine, conn, ma, RI and will vacationing in FL also; and have never heard the same setup as I have at home. So I don't give any votes due to that reason. To much equipement in the loop and if you have taken the time to home audition I'm sure alot of you have better setups than the dealers out there. I find dealers to be very limited to various setups do to the fact that there is so much equip out there to use. And at the local dealer I have listened to a setup were just the change in cables made it from unbareable to listen to, back to audio heaven. So I don't rate. I'm sure if you all have taken the time to buy you equip(home edition first) like me, then I'm sure you are all quite please with what you have and believing that it is the best out there. Like I said, the dealers don't carry all this equip, so they could never get it sounding as nice as we can. With that said, can't we all just get along. pete
It's idotic threads like this that have largely made Audiogon a waste of time for me. SOS... again and again. I know that it's my choice whether to read specific threads or just keep scrolling, but it seems that there's just not much worth reading these days. This is prime example of where this site has gravitated to...

if you have (had) the ability to listen to an opinion such as given by Bill E and ChstoB, as well as you seek and give self affirming opinions on Levinson gear you'd save yourself a lot of undue anger and stress.
I've boycotted the voting since its start (except at first when I accidently stumbled on it, sorry to whomever I voted for). If you say something good or bad I'll let you know. There, thats my promise. I challenge any other members to do the same and we can get on with making this forum open with divergent opinions. Regards,
Audiogon established the rules, and the rating system to help govern conduct on their forum. I suggest you contact them about your complaints. Craig
Ok. From now on it's rules by Lev335. This is the one and only time I will address a post like this. It is a waste of time, boring and anything but about music. Do you crave attention or what? You have to know you are going to get negative responses with your post. If you have nothing of interest to say, you might take your own advice and SHUT UP.
i'm with jim and bbloom. AudigoN has become little more than a politically correct, dumbed-down chat room for crybabies and those too stupid to know how stupid their queries are. the syops of AudiogoN keep telling us how there are so many new participants and posters since they've instituted their inane, beauty pageant rating system. so what? where's the beef in all these new posts? how many more threads must we endure that begin with the same "what's the difference between..." questions? i say we each give ALL such BS posters, as well as those ultracrepidarian jackanapes like lev335, -2,-2 ratings. that's one way, born of anarchist ideology, to discourage all of AudiogoN's vaunted "new posters" and "thread authors" from participating in these discussions and making them as tasteless as pablum. cmon' AudiogoN, you promised me two weeks ago that we would see a new, improved ratings syatem "soon." where the hell is it? -kelly
Lev 335 has a habit of sending vulgar E-mail to those who differ with his totally one-sided views. When he sent me such a charming E-mail, I killfiled him in my e-mail software, as well as lodged a complaint with his ISP regarding his vulgar and unwanted ramblings.

As to the "points" scale here, I do not believe in it, nor do I use it, though I have seen it used against me, and I suspect I know who that individual is!

regards and enjoy the music!

Well LEV335, now I know why you're having a problem. You post this thread, get your answer then go offline to dun those who have answered your question. I enclose your email for others to read "in context" with the thread.

Bill E.

Lev335@earthlink.net wrote:

Iam far from arrogant. I just say what I feel.And when someone asks what gear they like the best I
say levinson because out of all the gear I have owned through out the years I like the Levinson the
best. I never said that anything other than levinson is no good, There is alot of great gear out there
and when you get to the level of quality of what we have you reach the point of diminishing
returns. Yes there is better. Day and night. no. So in saying what I feel is arrogant to you than I
apologize. DEAL WITH IT.

Sent by member : Lev335
Gey Lev335, you have made many friends I see. I see what your saying in your email to lakefrontroad, BUT you could have left out the "deal with it" comment and your little email to him may have been a true apology with no hurt feels. You may want to round you edges a tad bit, but who am I to say. I like the rest of you, am not perfect.
People Iam just tired of having to defend what I like to people. We all love audio. We all love what we own.(I hope)So to like one brand of audio more than another is a bad thing? No. Thats why there are so many audio manufactures. To please everyones tastes. I like alot of gear on the market today and just because I dont praise it doesnt mean I dont respect it or the person who owns it.. There are so many people out there with nothing better to do, So they wait and bash other peoples thoughts and ideas into the ground. Well people should give honest input or none at all. (including myself)
Honest input: I firmly believe you suffer from a mental deficiency.
Kelly, they did make a change. It used to be possible to "vote" over and over if you cleared your cache or deleted cookies. Now Audiogon's system reads your IP address rather than putting a cookie on your computer. So, for example, although I have 4 computers, they are all hooked up to a hub with a hard firewall that has a single IP address, so I can only "vote" once. Unless, I take a laptop and plug it in somewhere else.

May not be the change you wanted. Like you, I'm tired of the ratings, the pointless comparisons and the marketing.
paulwp: thanx for the respone but, actually, there have reputedly been filters in place for some time that read off ip addresses. strange thing, tho, they are, according to a'gon's syops, only applied "periodically." i know: go figure. -kelly
Well I guess we all can't play fair in the sandbox. I just read tireguys thread on best value speaker. And replied on what I personnally liked for speakers. Someone out there gave me a -2, -2 for something "I enjoyed??" Being in the military so long I'm not used to cowards hiding in the bushes. If you have something negative to say to me, then say it; I'm a man and can handle it, are YOU????? Well send all the negs you want, I'm not into your childish games. If you didn't like my choice of speaker selection the proper response would have been explaining why you feel my choice of speaker is not to your liking. Maybe that would have been more productive in helping people look for speakers. No, I'm not mad, just thought we were all here to learn from one anothers experiences. And I do appreciate the ones out there who have shared there knowledge with me, you have saved me money and time and eventually I can do the same for others. So on that note I am done with this. Have a great day, pete
cornfed - i, too, asked a-gon when the woting nonsense wood end, or at least change. they said it wood change soon, but that it woodn't end, cuz, tho they've gotten complaints from the likes of ewe-n-me, they've also gotten *more* support. ?!? from WHERE?!? the support i've heard is tentative at best, & wery little of it. so, c'mon guys, write a-gon & COMPLAIN!!! a few days ago, i got ~120 negative wotes - w/in a few minutes' time. i asked a-gon about that, too - no response...

doug *where's a good audio chat-site?* sedon

Doug, that's what I was told when I complained as well. Something to the effect that they have more traffic now. All I see is these silent idiots that love to dish out negative votes for no reason. I guess on a positive note, maybe this is keeping these ass-wipes from setting a forest fire somewhere. I say quality over quantity. AudiogoN seems to think otherwise, and it's their show.
yup, dan - i believe ewe hit the nail on the head. a perusal of my comments on similar threads indicates my belief that a-gon likes the woting cuz it garners more *hits* on their site. but, i believe this will backfire on them in the long run, as those w/any worthwhile contributions will ewentually tire of the bs...

regards, doug s.

Kelly, here I am, feet up, my new kitty laying on my legs, a glass of good wine... and THEN I come across your post, and of COURSE, you know that I have to get the dictionary – it’s on top of the cabinet, so, I have to GET UP....Sheesh. 

Anyway, I haven’t purchased a new dictionary yet, and could only find the word “jackanapes” n. An impertinent or conceited person, usually a young man.
So, pray tell, what does *ultracrepidarian* mean?
(P.s. how ya been?)
My best -
angela: "ultracrepidarian" = adj. going too far, overstepping the mark, presumptuous.

Well, if AGon feels voting is bringing in more visits, I guess the fate of voting is a foregone conclusion. I dislike the amount of space devoted to discussions and complaints about voting. This is becoming a site about voting, rather than audio. As for me, I am blissfully detached from voting, and I like it that way. I have never voted, and I don't even know how to view voting scores (oddly, once in a long while I see scores listed next to my name on a post -- I'm not sure how or why this happens). My suggestion is that AGon should make it easy for members to totally ignore the voting scene. I should be able to hit a Voting Defeat switch that would bar me from voting and also keep me from seeing any voting data. Others could vote on my posts, if that's what floats their kayak, but I wouldn't have to be bothered by any of it. That's pretty much my de facto situation, but I would hope that many others would join the voting-free zone, while those that get their kicks from voting could continue to do their thing and get AGon their hits.
thanks, Kelly! and thanks for my continuing *edumacation*

Something just occured to me: on a thread called "Best value speaker available" posters are getting negative votes and then complaining they're getting negative votes. The lurker has been named Pinhead. If you don't post about it the Pinhead is going to lose interest. Ignore the Pinhead!!!
Wirehead: You are absolutely right. Why egg him on, especially when he is not a Pinhead (at all) but just another Nancy.