Let's talk SUBS

Currently my set up is as follows
B&W 802 fronts
B&W Htm1 center
B&W 804S rears
Anthem statement p5 amp
marantz 8801 processor
PS3 blu ray
Sony vplvw60 projector
Stewart film screen 110" screen

25' by 25' by 8' ceiling
50% drywall 50% stucco
commercial carpet
acoustic panels at the first reflection points.

For my sub i have an older paradigm reference servo 15.
i really enjoy it, a big.upgrade from my older vega 15.

i can run two subs from the marantz processor.
it is hard to find a matching paradigm because it is old.
so what would be a good sub to match up with it?

An older used sub would be fine as well, it doesn't have to be new.
i want great bang for my buck. ie the paradigm i got used for $300... i know it is not the best sub out there BUT, it would be hard to find ANYTHING better for that price.

Thank you for your suggestions,

You are right, the Servo 15 is a nice sub and for $300.00, it is hard to beat. I owned two Servo 15a's and for the $$$, they were wonderful.

What is your budget for a sub or subs?
Do you prefer sealed or ported?

I would like to be under the $1000.00 mark. but i am looking more for a used sub that will match up with the paradigm... and i am looking for more of a Bang for my buck. Of course if i was to find a jl gothom sub for 2k i would be on it. ( just using that as an example of bang for buck)

i do mostly home theater, and from what i have read ported is the way to go for that.
I would look for a SVS PB13 Ultra. It will eat your paradigm servo 15 as I have one now and the Servo 15 was one of my first subs. You will not need anything more than the PB13 ultra. My room is 20x14x8 and my sub dial is at 9 o'clock(it starts at 7). As you can see I have way more volume to use and will never need it. Look on canuckaudiomart as i've seen some for sale there.....Good luck....
What about running that with the paradigm?
"I would look for a SVS PB13 Ultra."

I agree with Bacardi but it will be difficult to find one of the newer ones(Sledge amp) for $1000.00 on the used market. Maybe a PB12 Plus with Sledge amp for around $1000.00 or PB13 Ultra with BASH amp. Either one of these should do the trick.

I recently picked up an SVS SB13 Plus(sealed) which uses the same(95%+/-)amp and driver as the newer PB13 Ultra and I am blown away by this sub. Build quality is great and performance is even better.

Why svs over rythmik or hsu or seaton?
06-10-13: Baranowski
"Why svs over rythmik or hsu or seaton?"

I am suggesting SVS because of my personal experience. I own a Revel B15(msrp $3300.00) and and SVS SB13 Plus(msrp $1500.00) and the SVS runs neck and neck with the Revel. IMO, that alone shows me what SVS can do compared to one of the premiere speakers builders in existence. The Rythmik and HSU have huge followers and I am sure they are great subs also, but my experience is with the SVS and I love it.

Demo some REL subwoofer(s).
Whichever sub(s) you decide on, get a Dspeaker Antimode to go with it. I have the 8033c on my HT sub (SVS 20-39 PC+) and use the Dual Core for my 2 channel rig.
Do a search and check out the great reviews and owner comments on these very good pieces.
Isn't that just a room correction? i thought most higher end subs have the Microphone and all with it... and my processor has audyessy that covers room correction.
The 8033c corrects for your sub only. Audessy will calibrate speaker size, distance, time delays, speaker balance, etc.
The 8033c is attached in between the sub out and sub. I runs independent of everything else. The 8033c will optimize your sub by controlling and cleaning up all of those nasty room modes the muddy up the bass.

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Bob Reynolds, is that your nice comment in the June 2013 issue of Stereophile?

Baranowski, its important to do due diligence as to what subwoofer, pre/pros, and stand alone EQ manufactures actually offer in the way of EQ or room correction.

I have a large open room and my system didn't benefit near as much as the dealers small room system where I A/B'd a regarded full spectrum analog EQ. Even so my 12" subs needed all the optimization parameters their internal EQ offers. My subs internal optimization also allows me to visually see my main speakers performance from 200Hz on down.

Large subs have a very romantic aura right up until the time you need to move them. I went from a big 18" to two 12" subs and even they aren't a picnic to move.

Happy shopping.
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I think it come down to ( in my situation) just matching up an older sub with my current (older) sub. at this point i would rather save some money on a second sub. maybe a list of subs (with model numbers) that i could be on the look out for. And when i find one at a good price, just buy it and see. Lets start with the manufacturers....

Paradigm, reference series





any others? also what models should i be on the look out for with these companies?

thank you
Jl fathom 13" would be another but they are going higher than $1,000 used.

This here Velodyne HGS15 might blend pretty well with your Paradigm Servo 15.


I was in correspondence with the seller(nice guy) back during Easter weekend and just about pulled the trigger when an SVS SB13 Plus popped up on the Jacksonville c-list. Needless to say I never even went and demoed the Velodyne after hearing/seeing the SVS. My buddy is running twin HGS15's in his 13W x 22L x 10H theater room and it is never short of spectacular for movies and music.

I will look into that one. is the used price for that speaker all that good? or would it be better to spend a few more hundred and get a new Hsu?

also what ideas are there for buying a sub without an amp. i have a commercial qsc amp i bought new and could use to power it...

also what about just buying a sub (jl) and make a box for it?

thank you,
"I will look into that one. is the used price for that speaker all that good?"

Not a bad price. I have seen recent ones go from $500.00 to about $750.00. IMO, the HGS15 works well for both music and HT. The servo circuitry helps keep the driver in control and distortion numbers low like your Servo 15 does. I think the HGS15 is a step above your Paradigm and is a closer competitor to the Paradigm Servo 15v2. I bet if you offered the seller $600.00, he might take it.