Let's share key moments in our musical lives

Those moments that stick with us decades later.
1. My Dad buying me my first 45, ‘At the hop’.
2. Buying my first album with paper route money. ‘Meet the Beatles’.
3. Looping a Creedence album Xmas day, until my Mom yelled, “Turn that crap down”. First time I ever heard her swear.
4. Crying with my beautiful girlfriend (pictured) when she had to move. (We were sitting on her window seat and ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ came on the radio.
5. Buying my first expensive speaker set (M&K). The stereo store put on ’School’ by Supertramp. When that kid screams near the beginning, I about jumped out of my chair.
6. Going to a concert with my daughter to see one of our favorite bands, Cloud Cult.

Share yours



Beautiful girl! Is that a '55 Ford? My Dad had a light green station wagon.

      At the age of ten (1958): discovered what the FM dial was for, on our DuMont AM/FM/TV/Phono console.

      Heard 'Take Five' on my '66 Olds 88's radio, beginning my love affair with Jazz.

      I enlisted in the Marines just before the release of 'Leaving On a Jet Plane’.

      It became my (and my honey's) theme song, over the following few years.