Let's say I'm looking for an a/v stand

This stand should have 3 shelves, be able to support a 40' flat panel, an ayre cdp, krell integrated (audio stuff about 4 inches in height each), and various other things (cable box, blu-ray, ps audio quintet), stand about 21 or so inches high by about 45 inches wide.

Or, I could look for a 4 shelf audio rack that would hold the same equipment, stand about 31 inches high by 23 inches wide.

This rack will be sitting on a hard wood floor. Spousal acceptance is not applicable.

What do you think folks. $500 - $1000, used or new.

As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
Well I use a Salamander Synergy rack. However,my favorite company is Sound Anchors.

I've seen these stands at the dealer. They seem to be a bargain at this price. I'd buy one myself if I didn't have my DIY rack.
No affiliation with seller.
Salamander! ...very flexible in configuration, very sturdy, good looking, often seen used - try here, eBay and Craigslist.

Good luck!
I have one of these:


To me it's a quality stand and best value/bang for your buck that nobody knows about. Well made too.

By the way, the price went up from a couple years ago. I got one for $395 plus shipping.
I have an Ikea stand and love it.