Let’s make this a better community!? One final shot?

(I’m sure I will get totally flamed …and will likely ask the admins to remove this post (WHEN) the gadflies take over)

Just saw where a new Dutch member got flamed for misspelling the word ‘better’…he politely told that person that his first language is not English…and would be glad to converse in his native language. Is this the type of community we want?

Now that the most antagonistic poster is gone (wink)….can we endeavor to avoid politics,needless nitpicking, and insults? I’ve been here 20 years…and it’s really sad what has happened to decorum.

The world is indeed imploding…but, can’t we at least make/keep this a place to go for pleasure?

P.S. I haven’t been perfect either….but, am willing be more mindful in the future.

Technically, ellipses should only include three dots, and you have twice used four.

Very disappointing, especially as you apparently ain’t no furriner.

Thanks. I hope that others might be inspired to pause before responding, and show the same kind of thoughtful restraint.

I'll be more mindful as well. This is/can be a GREAT community if we all just try a bit harder and be respectful to everyone.
The line is fine between humor and abuse.  It would be nice if the rhetoric could be be toned down a notch or three but I do come here for the laughs.

I'm all for free speech but there are times when it just gets vile.  The OP gets a thumbs up from me 
Thanks all…really appreciate the thoughtful replies.  
I expect (the 3 letter ray of sunshine) will post soon…but let’s not let that dissuade us… ; )
Noromance…Of course…as that’s just as important as to/two/too and their/there…but let’s have a moratorium on correction of affect/effect and ensure/insure/assure…as there are few still alive that know (their) proper use.
YUP! In good humor I'm all for it.  A lot of folks type before they understand. The audiophile community is truly world wide.

Keyboard warriors always arguing and not offering a nickels worth of information. Have snark will travel.

I kinda went that way with a few folks.  They are always transient though. Names changer, shape shifter, add a y'all every now and then..

Of course how much is still left in the bottle, tells a bigger story..

You right OP, I need to be BETTER..  No, we to it.. Just one at a time and it starts with ME..

Besides it's time to feed the chickens..


"The line is fine between humor and abuse. It would be nice if the rhetoric could be be toned down a notch or three but I do come here for the laughs" 

And individuals vary in their conceptions of what is "funny" and what is "abusive".  Some, for example, might not agree that the difference between the two is a "fine line". 

i am working on software wholly dependent on those pesky Quarks behaving in a statistically predictable manner, spelling and grammar are a freaking luxury.
Stuartk…. As stupid and juvenile as it sounds….I find that often a standard smile icon can really clarify intent and help a tongue in cheek comment land better.

That being said…there is no way to have fun discourse without sometimes stepping on toes…but I believe most reasonable people are aware of that line.

At the end of the day…we are monkeys with car keys. Let’s just try to have fun and be respectful ones.

p.s. The monkeys comment was not intended to spark a creationist debate ; )
OP, it's a good thing to try for.

What makes me a bit doubtful is that any hobby is merely a certain cross section of society at a given time. Whatever volcanic forces cause the turmoil around us are coming from within us. Clearly, too, this is not borne of hardship or scarcity, as audio is a hobby for people with discretionary income. The need to snark comes from other sources of insecurity. Hard to remedy that with a pledge to behave. Still, it's worth a try. Let's try.
I think it all started for me when I discovered my own sibilants were spitty.
I agree with the OP that this should be a friendly and tolerant place. Also that little smiley faces can really improve communication. Without the body language associated with in-person communication a comment can easily come off as critical or snarky… etc. I managed people in the corporate environment for most of my career and learned very early that you must embed a lot of cues as to your humor to get friendliness across. Something jotted down quickly frequently sounds very different than intended. Brevity is seldom an asset in text communication.
Hilde…great comment…especially “Whatever volcanic forces cause the turmoil around us are coming from within us”. Lots of projection going on these days…I know I’m guilty at times.

Although as mentioned above…there is great diversity among our ranks…there is still a great commonality….this audio esoterica we care about. Let’s be honest that most don’t care…although they may humor us.  We are a niche within a niche…and we are all we got.

The reason I brought this up is I’m truly at a decision point of whether I want to patronize these forums any longer. I am retired and am trying to remove negative sources from what’s left of my life.

I wouldn’t have posted if I didn’t believe we could change it.
The responses have been encouraging.
Is base/bass currently OK for correction or off limits? Inquiring/Enquiring minds need to know...
Yes, base/bass correction remains acceptable…but only if accompanied by a suitably placed wink icon.  ; )
Thanks tomic….it’s truly everything I hoped it would be…except for the whole failing body thing.
“am trying to remove negative sources from what’s left of my life. “



I retired several years ago. I also am in the process of removing negativity from my life. I really want to enjoy the time I have left and getting attacked for a well meaning, enthusiastic, or misinterpreted comment upsets me.

So, over the last year I have worked even harder to remove any inadvertent condensation or judgement from my posts that might result in controversy…. (Oops, was that 4 periods in the ellipsis ?)🙂. I try and make them completely constructive. That is my intent… but, I have an incredible system, have been working on it for 50 years and it takes some effort not to let a bit of superiority creep into my comments… but, I have found with care I have been largely left out of flames and stupid controversies.
I had to ask myself is this a retirement or a sentence, LOL Talk about a fine line.. Hopefully a cup of coffee and a couple of Advil.. :-)

To think my grandmother lived another 33 years. I'm 66, she was 99 when she went to heaven.. 1889 - 1988. Can you imagine knowing people from the Civil War.. She did...

Well, retirement is just another transition… I have been gone from the full time grind since November 2016. I was blessed with an awesome career and a ticking health clock. I also went thru the negative fields purge  and continue to periodically evaluate and CULL sources of negativity and alternate facts and flat earthers from my life. F-Book and Zuker $ were the first to go. I picked up some interesting board work for a software startup ( now..listed on NASDAQ! and volunteer work helping build the wall… ( oops , not really ).

Frankly, i go thru the same cycle with this forum…in the down cycles, i seek out refuge in those who enjoy the music….there are some IMO great threads in that drift…

again, enjoy your retirement, hope you stick around….

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"I agree totally, grammatical errors are not important at all, it is about the fun and the message content, not the grammar, spelling, and punctuation."

I totally disagree. The 4th grade grammatical mistakes made by some American born members on a regular basis are annoying and distracting and deserve correction if only for the betterment of the person being corrected.
We are all in the same boat here, learning audio, hence; helping each other learn inturn richocheting back to oneself. No one know's it all. When we (some) spend much time delving in one direction, we don't want to admit to ourself that time was wasted (being wrong) so defend our cumulative conclusions. I am relating past audio into this craziness that we all are being subjected to right now, worldwide. Be open minded and research both sides. Truth is all that IS. Side note: I grew up appreciating the humor of Don Rickels. He truly Loved those he made fun of! Again, we are all in the same boat here. 
High end audio... not sustainable.
 Low end bickering and infighting?  That that’s a sustainable business model.  
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tomic, 'dingo!'...no, bingo! *L*

Keyboard konversation is way too easy to be misinterpreted in intent, esp. in the midst of heated exchange over what some may look at as hair splitting over tech trivia...I think most can agree.

(And Yes, I'm addicted to 'dots'... ;)..).  As for schepelling, one can leave the spell-check running.  But, as a fan of parody, pun, and the general 'rib poke' I strive to be Lightfooted about it, Gordon....

...although I feel ol hvy spends a lot of time with the chickens.....souse, I mean, Spouse and self have taken to call them dinosaurs just for the grins involved....

Agreed; lets' try to be a more pleasant encounter with each other.  We might find that meeting IRL at audio show we'll be more inclined to have a drink with each other, rather than tossing it at each other.... ;)

It's too nice of an evening to waste on bad 'tude....right?
The quality of posts has declined, and some posts simply go beyond the pale. Hucksterism, bad/incorrect information, incoherence.  It would criminal for those with experience and good judgement to let these pass. Political correctness has its limits.
avsjerry, every time oldhvymec end's with "time to feed the chickens" I think of Amos McCoy ... 😄👍
   Since this forum is open globally to almost anyone it seems that posters and the replies they receive could be from any region. So if there are some errors (as some see them) in grammar, punctuation, etc., that's no reason for critique. My understanding about this forum...Ask questions, share ideas, invite new ideas, and share experiences in the AV realm.