Let's compile list of brands that produce Amps AND Loudspeakers.

I think is interesting to know which brands are actually producing amplification gears and their own loudspeakers, and also Loudspeakers company that make amps, let's compile a list here :)

I will start putting a few...

PMC (they make a integrated)
Anthem / Paradigm
PS Audio (will introduce their own loudspeaker soon)
Unison Research

Fell free to contribute to the list, thanks, best regards!

Burmester, Mbl,Avantgarde Acoustics, Ayon, Pathos,Gryphon, Gamut,Meridian, Pro-Ject, Audio Note, Air Tight (if you count the Bonsai),Shindo labaratory (petite latour),(Krell (still have speakers in production?), Coincident speaker technology...
We do 

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Meridian and ATC have been making active speakers for several decades. This is a whole level above simply making your own amps. It means each transducer has a dedicated amplifier specifically designed for it and the transducer is specifically designed for the amplifier. This approach addresses a huge amount of inadequacies and issues with traditional passive designs.
T+A elektroakustik (Germany)
(not counting sound-bars, nor mini speakers set like Bose / B&O)

Still active:
NBS Audio

No longer active in making both:
KR Audio
Sansui (some of them are really nice)
Einstein (prototypes only thru Odeon)
Conrad Johnson (prototypes only?)
Counterpoint (defunct)
Kora (defunct)
Red Rose Music (defunct)
Cello (defunct)

pass labs no longer active in making both?

Odyssesy audio
Symphonic Line
Prana Fidelity
While not the same "brand name" - Levinson and Revel are essentially the same line in my mind.  They are designed for one another.
Everything else I know of was mentioned above, except:
RBH Sound (which only sells separates-type subwoofer amps with regard to electronics... except they do also have a nice little 2-channel amp that serves as a less expensive alternative to something like PS Audio's Sprout.)
Electrocompaniet, but i think they are not producing speakers anymore..
Just saw Bryston elsewhere 

The already-mentioned Music Reference is unique in that the company offers an ESL loudspeaker/dedicated OTL tube amp combination. Not only is the amp output transformer-free (hence the OTL designation), the ESL is stepup transformer-free; the amps' output tubes are connected directly to the ESL drivers! Designer Roger Modjeski created a similar design when he worked for Harold Beveridge. 

Not yet mentioned is Sanders Sound Systems, who make a fantastic ESL loudspeaker and a solid state power amp designed specifically for ESL's. A second version of the amp is optimized for magnetic-planar loudspeakers (Magnepan, Eminent Technology).

Axiom makes speakers for Bryston.

And much of this list is bunk as many either have or have had a speaker. Not really serious as both manufacturers of speakers and amps. Not to disparage those who do have solid offerings across the board.
Who cares? Why is this a "thing".

Really not trying to snipe. Is there an implication that only amp manufacturers have true insight as to how to design a good loudspeaker and vice versa?
I will make a list soon as this is very important.