Let's add a Spell Check to Audiogon

I believe its time to add a Spell Check system to Audiogon. I'm not being critical of others writing, as there are many times that I've missed a letter or two and didn't notice while I was typing.

Having this tool added (please include a list of audio manufacturers) would enhance the experience by helping us out with those words a dictionary is sometimes needed for, cause less confusion on posts, and add to the professionalism of our forum.

So sign in and leave your opinion for the Lords of Audiogon to consider!
I doant beeleave I haf evver noteysed anee erorrs on this
Nope, I'm against it, it lends itself to complacency. The intellectual workout I get attempting to interpret some threads/posts is valuable to keep my mind sharp as a banana. ;}
Don't kned no dammed spell cheker, I kneds a gramma cheker! One of the blessin's of our beein illerate fo yu guys is with yo perfec language ya'll look so smart - hell, we'll even think yo know what yo is talkin bout. :-)
"My speakers have good base response."

There is nothing worse than this on an audiophile website!
Actually, the base response in my speakers ain't so good after I blew a woofer. Now there quite.

Theduke, and the best part is, no spell checker will ever catch that one. Someone asked me about the "base" of the turntable I had recently listed and I wasn't sure how to respond, that error is so frequent.
Keep in mind many of our member use English as a second language, a spell checker may be useless to them. Or maybe not? Personally I'd be too lazy to use it.
A spell check isn't going to help affect/effect. If you don't know the noun from the verb, well . . .
Install Google's toolbar. It has a spell checker.
And what do u bass this on Theduke? LOL
You could type up the forum responses in 'MS Word' document,then cut and paste into this field.
Spelle czecher?? Eye four won have NEVAR realle scene a knead four won inn any poste or add iv come acrost hear on Autiogonn.

What we DO need,though,is a damn space bar pusher!What is up with these people?Their space bars seem to work at the end of a word.But not,it seems,after a punctuation mark.Is it,I wonder,the tremendous effort involved in pushing it?Fear,perhaps,of repetitive stress injury?Any ideas?


OK--I feel better now...
This is a wonderful thread! Thanks for the laughs, guys!
(Duke: BTW, I did the bass/base thing once even though it's also one of MY pet peeves.)
For some of us English is a third/fourth language. Look, I could see myself making a mistake because of it. What's sad is that a lot of native speakers here are butchering it so badly that you really need a translator to get it back to being understandable. Please, watch your bloody grammar and spelling!
Wile at it, can we add a gramma checq allso :)
Where have you gone, Sedond???
Weather you get a benefit from a spell check depends on witch one you use. Some are a waist of time.
The one item I'm interested in is: Where does one buy sharp bananas??__ BTW, my grammar is ok, it's my grandpa that I worry about.I do get a kick out of people's misusing there/their,pronouns a lot.
You are write, this blue in out of the blew. Sorry!