Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.

All too often when I read YouTube comments on old music, a youngster will say some variation on "I love this music and it's from before I was born" or "This is my favourite band and I'm only 15 or whatever". That's great. Then, some jive turkey comes and says something like "Nobody cares about your age, snowflake.", "You think you're so special?" or "You must be proud of yourself."

Look here, bringing up one's age is not so much about the listener as it is a comment on the music. It's a compliment, not a brag. The listener is not trying to say that they are special, they are saying that the music is not merely nostalgia for old people, not a flash-in-the-pan fad, but is genuinely good music that has stood the test of time, still worth listening to. Dig?


When my son was just learning guitar at 14 (he’s 27 now), he came home one day and declared, “dad, I found this great guitar player… have you ever heard of him? His name is Eric Clapton!”

me: “yeah, he’s pretty good…”

I didn't even read the thread but want to thank the OP for the laugh with "jive turkey." A popular expression for a short while but I'm pretty sure the LAST time I heard it uttered was sometime in my college years, nearly 50 years ago. Thanks again for the laugh.