Let go of the SP3A1 or not.

So I have a pristine ARC SP3A1 which I love, all original with a silver rack mount face and the original black and gold face with knobs. It also has 70s tubes from various manufacturers such as Telefunken and Millard. I have owned this since 1979 and still plays and sounds great. I have a ARC VT100 MKII amp and Maggie 1.7i speakers. So my question is I know the caps don’t last forever so should I consider selling the preamp to a collector or make it a 3C ( if ARC still does this mod ) or repair it when the filter caps fail with the new caps. I have seen this look and it looks hacked. Or should I consider a new preamp all together? If so recommendations are welcome. 

Happy listening  
If it were I, I would keep the SP3A1 at least for the time being while I tried different preamps in my system.  You may find the sound of newer preamps not to your liking.