LessLoss Signature vs Synergistic Python CX

For essentially the same price ($1200.00 new) for a 1.8M length, which would you recommend. Does anyone have experience with both. They must have different sonic signature.

Looking for 20amp IEC for ARC Reference components.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
Thank You
Do you mean Shunyata Python CX?
I think you mean Shunyata Python CX.
Sorry, yes i meant Shunyata.
Audio Research uses Shunyata at shows... And fwiw Shunyata has much better resale value.
Do not now anything about the Phytoncable. But i haved tried severel brands, and the LessLoss cable have beaten them all. Have two Signatures, and they are the best powercables i have tried.

Best regards. Uffe from Sweden.
Hard to beat the Lessloss. For once proven design and not snake oil wins out. This are priceless.
You don't have to pay for all the major advertising either,
plus delivered to your door.
I haven't used the latest Shunyatas,but the lessloss DFPC smoked my Anaconda helixes and python helixes,they definately
cleared the way musically.
In fact,I changed 12 Shunyatas for all Lessloss,no music loss
and I recouped 2/3 of my money back.
A win win situation,just better musically and NO HYPE.
Spend 400.00 and compare them and then you will know and not
rely on the hype.
I would have to disagree that the Lessloss cables are as good as the current CX series Shunyatas. I have both, and the Lessloss DPFC model, while a very good value, is not in the same arena as the Shunyatas. particularly in the bass, imaging, and focus of instruments.
When people say "smoked" I have to ask if they listen to classical or pop. If you want to hear the differences among cellos and doublebasses and other bass instruments in an orchestra, say the Mercury Living Presence Firebird CD, you will find the Shunyata Black Mamba formidable enough, never mind the Pythons, which are in a different league than the Lessloss.
I like the Lessloss, but am aware that some sense of "lifelike-ness" is missing. It has great clarity, though not necessarily super transparency. It can take a while to hear the diffferences if you are using older Shunyata cables, but not the CX series. The older Shunyatas were deficient in the upper midrange and lower treble, a problem cleared up by the latest iteration of the cords. By now, Robert Harley of TAS has already issued his conclusions on the Shunyatas and I agree.
Lessloss is an excellent value cord, but misses in the bass and image specificity. Not a priority for some, though, so depending on your priorities, the Lessloss will outperform the Helix line of Shunyata, so if that's what you have, buy the Lessloss. For CX cords, I wouldn't bet the farm on the Lessloss.
You said "Lessloss is an excellent value cord, but misses in the bass and image specificity."

What do you mean by "misses"? The primary and dominant function of the DFPCs is to prevent HF noise from entering your gear and causing intermodulation distortion. Assuming this is what the PC actually does, because it's activity is passive in the sense that it merely removes distortion-causing noise, it's hard to imagine the PC "missing" anything. It seems more likely to conclude that the deficiency of bass and transparency is therefore a normal function of the components in question, not some error on behalf of the DFPC(s).