lessloss signature vs. dream state lucid

I am looking to upgrade two lessloss dfpc to the signature version, but was wondering if anyone had compared the lessloss signature with dream state lucid cable, thanks
No, but the step up from LL regular to Sig is a major step up. I have two used in two different systems and in each case they fostered a significant audible improvement, especially in the "quietude" area.

My systems power cords consist of almost the entire line of Dream State power cords along with Lessloss Signatures and Lessloss Originals. The two manufacturers approach their sound likes a bit differently. Dream State delivers fabulous midrange, liquidity, natural timbre and sheer beauty to music. The Lessloss are extremely quiet, highly detail oriented and the Signatures reproduce bass like I've never heard.

I use the "combination" of all of the cords to blend in the very best of everything.

Should you decide to get a Lessloss Signature, you will be pleasantly surprised. The upgrade from the Original is substantial. My favorite combination is a LL Signature on my power conditioners and Dream State Epic Gold on amp and preamp.

Happy Listening!
Dream State LUCID DREAM on of the best ribbon cords ever made.Lots of body and weight wonderful imaging,great deep bass, airy highs wide wonderful sounstage.