Lessloss on power conditioners/dedicated lines?

Through the myriad of reviews and comments on the Lessloss power cords i cannot find a definitive answer to this question-is the effectiveness of this pc compromised by using either a power conditioner or using this cord with dedicated lines ? I recall some comments that council against using this brand of cord with the two above mentioned,but i just can't seem to locate the source. I don't want to drag an old horse out of the barn on a cold morning, but.....is this myth or reality? What say you Lessloss users?
To my ears,I don't hear any degradation musically or added noise whatsoever.
All my amps,components are connected with lessloss PCs(DFPC).
All PCs are plugged into a Torus(PUI)on dedicated lines.
I find the Torus is too good an upgrade as they give me more amperage that my amps want on music peaks,quite an upgrade to say the least.
Lessloss sells a power conditioner(Firewall,I think it's called).
I like what I hear very much and I know for me the Torus are keepers,Lessloss PCs and dedicated lines are keepers.
It all works for me,think I'll put my horse back in the barn
I have the LessLoss (DFPC) plugged into an Audience ARp1 power conditioner and it has improved the overall sound of my BR system beyond what it sounded like without Audience, so I would not have reservations about using cord with a power conditioner, AYMMV.

I use a Firewall and Lessloss PC. I connected all my gear incl tubed mono amps All for the best
I think I'd skip LessLoss - some things may work but they make way too many gimmicks. Look at this: