LessLoss DFPC versus LessLoss BTB

I see that there are many reviews on the LessLoss DFPC because of a substantial discount offered in exchange for a buyer review of the cable, but there are few reviews yet on the LessLoss BTB.

I missed the original discount offer as I have been on long term overseas travel, and now that I am ready to catch up with the show, LessLoss has introduced the BTB, which is claimed to do 95% of what the DFPC does at a lower price.

Anyone actually heard both like to share his impression ?
I know that this is not a direct answer to your question but you might consider the Tel-Wire power cord as an alternative to the LessLoss. It comes with the new Oyaide 004 beryllium plugs and some trustworthy ears like it better than the LessLoss. Unfortunately, the $399 sale just ended last week, but it is still a great value at $599. One other advantage of the Tel-Wire is the 30 day money-back trial - I don't believe that the Lessloss has that.

Thanks for the suggestion.

In fact, I more than welcome alternative suggestions. The Lessloss is a great buy at the introductory discount offer of $250, but at the upcoming price point of $750 there are more options.

I also vaguely remember reading some unsolicitated comment that mirco details and resolution are somewhat compromised with these cords.
What about virtual dynamics nite platinum , this is on special at the moment at a little over half price ? All conductors are entirely seperated.
Does anyone notice that MAC power cables look exactly like lessloss DFPCs? Even the specs read the same. Maybe someone who has tried both would like to share their experience?
LessLoss certainly has generated quite some nice review coverage with its promotional measures, but I just came across some reviews wherein apparently well-versed Gon' members actually prefer the Tel-Wire over the LessLoss. I shall look into the VD nite platinum too. Thanks guys for the good suggestions!
I've owned VD cables, including the Nite II and Master. They are nice cables but a bit difficult to put in your system. They will most likely require some strain relief. I now use 3 Tel Wire PCs in my system (and a pair of Fusion Audio Predators on my VAC Auricle Musicblocs). I enjoy the sound and flexibility of the Tel Wire cables. They are more neutral than the VD cables IMO.
Lessloss at least on my system and on the cd player or DAC defeated hands down my Master Series LE20 and friends Nite II.

On tube amps the VD has a lot to say.

I have one Lessloss DFPC power cord which I purchased last summer at the promotional price($350) in exchange for writing a review. It is an excellent power cord and easily betters any VD power cord I have owned or tried and is a lot more flexible for use on my light weight Eastern Electric tube electronics. I also have three MAC sound pipes HC power cords (two with Oyaide 029 connectors, the other with standard connectors) which cost me $49 for the standard and $100 each for the oyaide versions. I find the MAC's gives me 90% of the performance of the Lessloss for a fraction of the price and yet I consider the Lessloss good value for what I paid.

My advice to anyone is to purchase one MAC HC power cord at the low Audiogon auction price. Keep it and use it for a benchmark reference when auditioning more expensive power cords to ensure if you are contemplating spending a lot of money on a power cord that it is at least better than the MAC.

MAC interconnects and speaker cables represent decent value for the money at Audiogon auction prices but the power cords are an outright steal & discourage making your own DIY power cord.