LessLoss DFPC Signature

Has anyone compared the Signature version of these PC's to the original version? Can you describe difference in performance (if there is an audible difference). Thank you.

Hello Neal,
I am using the new Signature cable and I also have two of the normal cables as well and have been running it for 10 days now
Well where do I start just so much to tell.
The new cable give me so much more of everything and I mean so
much more. Everything is cleaner sharper more focused, much
wider and deeper sound stage. All the sharp edges of the music has gone and the music sounds more real and more life like. I can now listen to EVERY CD and they now all sound so much better with more dynamics and more life.
When I watch DVDs again so much more depth and bass with the effects becoming 3D and just leaping out of the screen.
I will buy another cable when I get paid as I know it will improve things again.
The new cable is like a complete system upgrade for a fraction of the price and to answer your question the difference is incredible my email address is paulneringa@yahoo.com and I can send pictures if you want

I hope this help you Neal

bye for now

Yes i have! Using the "Original" for about one year now, i was attracted by the generous upgrade routine of Mr. Motek and got me 2 "Signatures". Placing them before 2 power distributors, in order to get the effect spreaded across the rest of cabling, i heard an immediate improvement in background silence and PRAT, fresh out of the bag. I`m not a big fan of describing soundcharacter of anything music with my insufficient vocabulary, but the chance, that you`re not satisfied, if you like the original is small, especially when taking into consideration, that you can get your money back (minus shipping) if they are not to your taste! My advice: If you really want to know for sure, try them out, it`s worth while, at risk are a few dollars for shipping them back-which i doubt you will!
rgds, Gottfried
My first experience with the LessLoss DFPC originals was outstanding. I purchased 5 DFPC and then added a 6th when I purchased the Firewall. The conditioning from the wall outlet through the Firewall to all components was just amazing. The silent backgroung, the deep and wide sound stage, the clarity and definition of voice and instrument, the separation was amazing. After talking to Louis Motek at LessLoss, I replaced the DFPC originals with 6 Signatures. The difference is astounding! What the originals plus the Firewall did before, the Signatures effect is easily twice as good. It is hard to qualify and quantify the difference, but I am extremely pleased with the results and am glad I made the switch. I hope you find this info helpful. Best wishes, Alan
I am a neophyte on Audiogon, but I am compelled to write to help in your decision making process with respect to the DFPC Signature power cords. I have been an audiophile for years and have always selected highly musical gear and about 18 months ago purchased 6 original DFPC from LessLoss. Dealing with Louis Motek was a pleasure, and I live in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. The initial cords arrived in about 7 days and replaced my Crystal Cable Ultras and immediately took a veil off of all forms of music with a much wider soundstage and a much tighter and deeper base. It took about 1 week for the cables to break in completely. I was at a point I didn't think there was any room for improvement so it was in some trepidation that I considered an upgrade to the Signature DFPC cord, but Louis was extremely generous with his upgrade rebate, and so convincing of the benefit, that I traded all 6 of my Originals for the Signatures, which also arrived within 1 week. They arrived yesterday, and have had less thn 24 hours of break-in but let me tell you the difference in the sound is staggering! I can only say, that the music I thought I knew inside and out has a much deeper soundstage with greater "musicality", sounding more like a live concert which to me is the holy grail of music reproduction. If I had to say, what the single , most profound change in the reproduction of sound through my system has been in the last 10 years, I would say this upgrade to the Signature DFPCs is it hands down. MM
Thank you all for the comments. I will now try the Signatures and hope my experience matches yours.


Could you give us feedback about performance of the LessLoss DFPC Signature, in pre-amplifier and power. I have two Originals connecting Transport and DAC, and order two Signature to upgrade. I'm looking for review/opinions about results in pre and power, specially on tubes.BR JBPezzini
I have my entire system powered from 1 outlet through the Lessloss Firewall unit. I now use the DFPC Signature from the outlet to the Firewall and from the Firewall to the preamp, both mono amps, the CD transport and the DAC. There is absolutely no loss in power to the preamp or the amps in this configuration, and the Signature power cords are an impressive improvement over the Original power cords. My system is all digital. I use Jeff Rowland amps and preamp. I couldn't be happier with the performance. The base clarity is amazing. The sound stage takes up the whole back wall. The speakers absolutely disappear. The stage depth is great. I can say that each time I have added the DFPC to the system, my system has greatly benefitted. I hope this is helpful.
I should clarify that my system is solid state, no tubes in the system.
Please note that three of the rave reviewers above had never posted to an Audiogon discussion before. The Signature cords may indeed be wonderful (I own three of the originals), but LessLoss has a history of "paying" for good reviews, and these sure look suspicious.
Lessloss has a try before you buy program.
That is where Louis has some of the new Signature cables
sent out for people to try(so our OWN EARS)can listen.
All you have to do is E-mail Louis and discuss trying them out @ (NO COST TO YOU OR ME).
Louis sent one out to me(should be here any day now),as his service is vastly superior to others,and no 50% MARKUP OR MORE and freeshipping.WHO ELSE DOES THAT.
Getting a little off topic,I think the try before you buy is an excellent way for us to see for ourselves if they are a major improvement on the originals.I do like my originals.
TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and no I didn't receive free cabling or
any money.I don't know about the above posts,but at least I get to listen for myself and that I like.
Drubin wrote:

LessLoss has a history of "paying" for good reviews


This same question has already been addressed on April 27th, 2008 right here on the Audiogon forums.

You see, paying for good reviews would be a backward business policy. Sooner or later the practice would be found out, debunked, and this would result in a detrimental blow to the initiator's sleazy plans. He would be building a fragile house out of cards instead of a solid one built out of bricks.

So, when wind like yours blows, I feel protected due to the practice of encouraging the freedom to share honest impressions but never motivating the content thereof, except through the sole means of the work which has gone into the product.

What, then, is a comment, if it is not based on the freedom of the author? A worthless bunch of pixels, wasting everyone's time.

Louis Motek
I would like to delve a little bit deeper into this problem here. In fact, I believe that all forums which are created in order to hide the identity of the contributor are prone to fail. It is not good to make-believe that the world desires a masquerade at all times. That is why features such as "My System" are excellent. However, I still feel it would be very nice to demand all participants to show their faces in the form of a little picture of themselves. It would cut down very much on the "filler" and keep people a little bit more honest. Why? Because you are there if your face is there.

You know that strange feeling you get when you shake somebody's hand for the first time and they never look you in the eye. You might be forgiving at first but you know you noticed it and initial feelings are important.

Why, for example, a user name? Why not our name? What have we to hide behind user names? I never understood that. And then people wonder about the Signal/Noise ratios on all the forums. I had a cigar with Arnie once and we got to talking about Audiogon. Turns out they censor about 80% of everything that is uploaded here, to keep it a tidy and cultural place. But it would seem to me that some of that work could be avoided by keeping the people who don't want to show their names and/or faces on the screen away.

Just a thought.
Louis Motek
Louis, whereas I'm sympathetic to what you are saying, you must also consider that serious mischief has been perpetrated with other people's names and photographs that were published on the internet. Unscrupulous individuals joyriding on other people's identities on a worldwide scale is something I like to avoid being a victim of. We're not talking about the community of Audiogoners but preying eyes that watch every forum on the web for reasons we don't really want to kow. Does that sound exaggerated? (Sorry, I know I'm wandering off the original topic.)

Your thought sounds like it is bending towards a conspiracy theory to me. I don't know exactly what you are alluding to.

When one posts on a world-wide forum, one is first and foremost placing content into the mind of anyone who bothers to read it. Otherwise one uses one's own private diary.

True, it has been known throughout the ages that many a writer has used pseudonyms to avoid witch-hunters and the like, as there have been very strong feelings attached to the power and control of the printed word in the past. But in today's world of ubiquitous YouTube clips and self-published blogs, what could be better than a community of real people without the masks?

If by "preying eyes that watch every forum on the web for reasons we don't really want to know" you mean Big Brother, then I think it is indeed exaggerated and out of proportion.

Here in Lithuania I even know people who avoid certain topics by phone (such as even only tax avoidance -- not evasion, mind you) because they are afraid that the phones might be tapped. But really it is ludicrous. Everyone in any business knows that you only have to pay the taxes that you have to pay -- not the ones you can legally avoid. There was even a famous Supreme Court ruling in the USA which stated this explicitly in the verdict (sorry, I don't remember the exact name of the case or judge).

And so when we write on forums, do we imagine that we are more free to write honestly when our names and faces are unexposed? I think rather that we are more inclined to write things we would normally be embarrassed to say in person. And that is the pity I here address, for, to me, it seems, it has led to a steady but sure degradation of the quality of content of the communication.

An analogy is that there used to be duals in battle. Now there is remote controlled weaponry.

There used to be an expressed gentleman's behavior towards women when the man would open the heavy door and let the woman pass first. Now we have automated revolving doors or infrared sensors and sliding automated mechanisms.

We have a handy "delete" key on our keyboards. We don't need to plan the sentences and flow of thought as well.

It seems that at every step we make an obvious advance in pragmatic accomplishment but at the same time risk losing an even more subtle underlying value in the process. And because it is always more subtle, it gets thrown away with the bath water, without too much notice.

Louis Motek
Sorry Louis, that is not what I was alluding to. I am not referring to the contents we write ourselves and whether we want to hide those from "The Authorities" or "Agencies" or whether we think we can be offensive and disrespectful when using a moniker.

I am talking about unauthorized use and abuse of names and faces by third parties. I have seen my own system published and discussed on a Greek website, obviously taken without permission from Audiogon. What could have been easier than to contact me through the mail-link on the 'Gon and ask me? The person choose not to do that. I know that is an (almost) ridiculously harmless example, but that is were it starts. I have seen another US based 'Goner's system published by a dealer in the Netherlands who advertised a show he was organizing with the speakers on that picture. I contacted the owner of the system, he wasn't aware of it, had never been asked. I mean, some people take contents, any contents, from the internet and use them (fake their own identity, publish under other real names, order goods in other names meant not to be paid, manipulate photographs and play dire pranks with them, build entire data-bases to be sold for marketing or other purposes, etc.), not always as harmless as my examples. But enough of that, I repeat I understand your thinking and am sympathetic to it. Yet, my photograph for one thing will not be on the internet, period.
I have been using the original powercords and they are very good. I fact better than a lot of other brands including the very expensive and esoteric ones. A couple of week ago i changed 2 of these for the new Signature and yes, these are even better. A lot better i must say in all respects: more detail, better soundstage, better bass,more color, etc. They are more expensive also, but the price-quality ratio is very good. I can recommend to anyone!
I posted the following on the LessLoss website:
I've been comparing power cords carefully for almost 30 years. I've tried very expensive and well-known brands, relatively inexpensive and more obscure brands, and DIY concoctions from cheap hardware store wire. For the past 8 years or so I'd stuck with various Shunyata Power Snakes, which I still hold in high esteem. They trounced everything else I had tried, and I was especially happy with the King Cobra v2. Despite the claims of Shunyata and some reviewers, I think it was the best power cord Shunyata ever made--at least in my system, which I believe (and others claim) is very neutral.
But like many audiophiles, from time to time I get the itch to try something new. So I bought two very reasonably-priced Original LessLoss DFPCs. To my surprise, despite the price difference (the KCs originally sold for around $2200), the Originals were superior to the KCs. I found them to be even more neutral and more detailed, and somewhat more dynamic. The difference wasn't as striking as I'd heard in some previous cable shoot-outs, but it was clearly audible and a change for the better. And I heard that same difference in various applications: with my VSE-modified Sony SCD-1, powering my PS Audio Power Plant Premier, and also powering a set-up I dedicated to dubbing CDs onto CDRs.
Recently, I learned that LessLoss had improved upon the Original DFPC and produced the Signature. I gladly accepted Louis's upgrade offer and soon thereafter received two new Signature DFPCs. This time, the changes I heard were more dramatic. I compared the Signatures both to the Original DFPCs and to some remaining King Cobra v2s, and there was no doubt that the Signatures were a considerable improvement over both. Compared to the Original DFPC, the Signature produced a bigger, deeper, and more detailed soundstage, and even though the Originals were already very neutral, smooth and extended, the Signatures were (incredibly to me) even more so, with strikingly improved and more realistic reproduction of instrumental timbre. (Perhaps I should mention that I'm a musician [a pianist], and I know what acoustic instruments sound like.) The Signatures had greater low-frequency weight without being bloated or muddy, and I was frequently surprised by the amount of upper-frequency detail I was hearing (or hearing clearly) for the first time. Even the gentle high buzzing sound produced by the Power Plant Premier's CleanWave function emerged with more clarity.
It's not surprising, then, that in a head-to-head comparison with the King Cobra v2, I preferred the Signature by a large margin. As good as the KC was, and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of my system every time the KCs were installed, replacing them with the Signatures demonstrated, over and over, what an improvement the new cables provided--across the board. The Signatures were significantly more neutral, more balanced, more realistic, and more extended, but never cold or clinical.
In fact, at this point you can probably fill-in the cliches for me; you know what they are when a new component takes one's system to a clearly audible new level of performance and realism. And you probably know the experience of being caught up in the music even when you're trying to listen to the changes wrought by some new component, or hearing unexpected details in recordings you thought you knew well. Those things happened to me as well, time and again.
So make no mistake, the Signature DFPC is a killer power cord, and at its price it's still a bargain. I'm buying more.
Note, when you see 6 new posters that join in the same month and all rave and plug for the same company you can bet that long time members will not take them seriously. But hey, you never know in these crazy economic times,cough cough. You go boy!
As the originator of this string, I really do not understand the cynical comments or those that suggest not so obliquely that the mfr. somehow planted the positive comments. I am a seasoned litigator with over 3 decades of experience under my belt,(and an audiophile for longer than that) and have confronted liars at the highest corporate levels, so I think I have a bit of a nose for deception. Louis Moten does not make that skeptical nose twitch.

I have used the original LessLoss cords for about a year and they are very good and a tremendous value. I have no reason to believe the positive comments on the Signatures are plants or are insincere, so I am going to try the Sigs. Regardless of the reviews, my ears will be the final arbiter.

C'mon people, let's be nicer.

So what or who made those 6 individuals all of the sudden join Agon and post on this one thread? They all just stumbled on to it and decided to join at the same time? That is a huge red flag to me.
Neal, I stand by my comment and will add that I'm confident that the manufacturer asked some of his happy customers to head on over to Audiogon and make positive comments about his products. Why do I think that? Because several of the comments above are from people whose only participation in Audiogon discussions is this thread. That makes this topic nothing more than advertorial and I think readers have a right to know.

And, yes, I have no doubt that other manufacturers do this also. LessLoss has some history here, About a year or two back, LessLoss offered its cords at a reduced price to anyone who would write favorable comments about it on Audiogon. Created a lot of good will with his existing customers (like me) who had paid the going rate.
I am a seasoned litigator with over 3 decades of experience under my belt,(and an audiophile for longer than that) and have confronted liars at the highest corporate levels, so I think I have a bit of a nose for deception.

Break out the lawyer jokes....
For me,if the cable made my system sound less musical,there's no way I would have purchased 12DFPCs.When that offer came out
at a superb price,I ordered one.I swapped out a well known highly regarded cable on my cdp.She definately cleaned up the Music,That's what sold me on the Lessloss and that's why I put my comments on Audiogon(sell my music for a few pennies saved,I don't think so).
I E-mailed Louis on the latest cable and he was kind enough to send me one to check out FOR FREE,I've been working quite a bit so I'm hoping to install her on my CDP(this week).
I hope it's the type of improvement where IT JUST IS,where I don't have to think I hear a difference or because it's the latest it must be better.If she betters the originals,
then I'll be recabling again,if not,then I won't.
If a cable or component improves the sound I have,then definately I'd tell people about it and they can judge for themselves,especially when I don't have to pay for the extra
non music hitchhikers(ADVERTISING,MARKETING ect) attached to those 1200-2000+ cables.To me that's worth a listen,and
delivered to my door.
I guess I'm advertising,at least it's free.
I have purchased 2 signature power cables at full price and i was not asked to put a positive review on any sites. The construction of those cords is top notch and they have opened the sound and lowered the noise floor in my system.

They have replaced VD cables on my ARC DAC7 and REF2. I will continue to audition before i purchase more but so far, i like what i hear IN MY SYSTEM.
Dear Drubin,

If you would delete the words "positive" and "favorable" from your post, it would be true. But as it stands, what you have written above is untrue.

Louis Motek

I understand all your points. I am not fussed if the mfr. urges users who otherwise are pleased with the cords to report on their satisfaction on Audiogon, so long as they receive nothing of value for their positive reviews.

I was one of the purchasers who benefited from the LessLoss discount on the original cords. The deal was that you received the discount in return for writing a review; it was not conditioned on a POSITIVE review. I can understand, however, your frustration about having paid a higher price, but that can happen with any product and mfr.

And Cruzl23, I have heard all the lawyer jokes already. Got a new one?

Best to all.

I'm one of those who posted a favorable review of the Signature on this thread. I can tell you that Louis never asked me to write anything favorable. He *did* request that I post a review somewhere, but only after I'd bought the cable and enthusiastically reported to him how happy I was with it. Louis's words to me were "I don't want to know what you would write." Granted, Louis knew that I was a satisfied customer, but there's no impropriety in his request under those circumstances that I post a review. And I was happy to let others on audiogon know what I thought.
This a email that I sent Louis at Lessloss.

I was very torn in ordering these power cords as you know. I really thought the sound would change due to a shift at the top, bottom or mid-range, something would stick out better, but the house sound would still be there. Just more of this or that.

That had been my experience with power cords over the past 15 years or so, even when jumping to another brand. Yes better in some ways, no change in some ways, or not as good in other areas, thus feeling I moved sideways at best and regretting spending the money when all was said and done. Perhaps it was as good as it can get as far as power cords.

Well here are my profound thanks for encouraging me to try them. My impression is very positive to say the least, thank goodness.

I can say listening to a solo stand up bass, and piano the improvements really stood out without even trying to hear them. I find this sometimes the best way to listen to something new, keep it simple. I mean a huge improvement.

Silence between the piano notes, detail, rhythm, the flow and the feeling is much more apparent. The Stand up Bass, Detail, lighter, nimble and airy, yet really lots of impact when the lower frets are hit. Yet really clean down at the bottom with detail I never heard that low, the fingering just like you heard if he was in the room, delicate at times then the thud as he pulls the strings harder and goes really low.

I never heard this before in my current setup, that really pleased me, all the while piano just played along with perfect pitch and detail, no blur or confusion at any time.

Horns by the way also have a nice bite to them with the tone of brass, not aggressive at all yet, you know when they hit the high note, glare was gone, replaced by a instrument.

I listened to a few vocals, more body to them, yet more open and transparent. It almost sounds like everything has much less electronic edge to the total presentation, where before certain things honked (jumped out at you or caught you attention), now the presentation is even across the board. There is a balance there now. Perhaps much more refined would be the word; you relax more now while listening.

Yet the gear really has plenty of dynamics, I felt the sound waves in my chest at times on the standup bass, when he really dug down and tugged on the strings...detail was superb. I was impressed and I also did not have to play it loud to feel it.

The signatures are more laid back sounding yet more transparent and the dynamics have more ebb and flow to them. This sounds like small things but they really start adding which turns into a big improvement by high-end audio standard when you have a very refined system to begin with.

This is because everything is in balance now, no highlighting of certain areas of the presentation.

I cannot just say bass is improved, highs are better, or the mid-range shines, it all equally has well now, everything is better and the music carries a soul to it more, you feel it the emotional side to the performance.

There is also a silence to the presentation that is startling when you realize it. I thought the original power cord were quite.

They just do not sound different as I thought they would and like other power cords have done in the past. They have all that original power cord had (and they were not bad to begin with, but these improved upon them in everyway.

You told me to give them a try that your reputation is on the line; well you do not need to worry. These are really, superb. Nothing I have heard in the past or present as done more to make my system come together, it really is like adding a new piece of gear to your system that really made a big positive improvement, and as we know that is rare and hard to find at times.

My system as not changed too much from the time I purchased your first cords. Six months ago, I added a tube preamp to the mix. The McIntosh C2300.

This goes with the MC402 amp, and the wonderful Marantz SA7-S1 CD/SACD player along with my Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers.

All Interconnects are the MIT Balanced Oracle 3 2.2 interconnects along with the Kimber Kable Select 3035. A very simple but musical system.

With your Signature power cords, I now know what this system is capable of. I cannot ask for more than that.

Thank you for such a wonderful product that really let us hear what this hobby is about, the reproduction of music.


PS: I know some think that saying something nice about your product is due to discounts. This is not the case, I paid full price for every cable purchased from you.

If I did not like them, I would send them back ASAP. However, I am not, I will be sending back the original power cords. This upgrade program is a no brainer; I encourage everyone to consider doing so. I am glad I did, and as I said, I was nervous due to my experience.

Those who may be considering spending a grand or more for a power cord, I can tell you from experience that your money will be well spent buying the Signature power cord from Lessloss.
I bought an orignal and loved it. I upgraded to the signature, and was blown away. The signature does "more" of the same thing the original does - but at an amazing level. I own the latest Shunyata CX series cords, and have found them to sound best attached to my power conditioner and power amps. The LessLoss cables sound best on my preamp (not tube) and sources. It is a truly amazing experience to hear the signatures in action. I do believe however, you need a minimum of two to really open the system up, and see what happens. At the very minimum, one on your preamp, and one on the source you are using. They are expensive to me, so I have one designated as my "source cable", and move it around between them. THe one on thje preamp obviously stays. If you like the Original's characteristics at all, you absolutely must upgrade it to the Signature, it is remarkable. I was a Shunyta fanboy before I got the signature LessLoss - now I love them both :0
To appdevman: do you find the LessLoss a little less raw in the upper mids than the Shunyata CXs, but is the bass as controlled and detailed?
umm more snake oil in high end well at least the connectors are,I am not attacking the cable or the end user, just some tweaks,those connectors are the jewelery needed to sell the cable THAT IS IT!!!
You're right, Oyaide couldn't possibly design and manufacture a set of power plugs that happen to perform as good as they look. How did your post not get screened?
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