Lessloss DFPC Sig versus Shunyata CX and Nordost

Has anyone compared the Lessloss DFPC Signature to the Shunyata Anaconda CX or Nordost Vahalla? Starting the process of a power cord replacement for my tube amp. I mainly listen to jazz, classic rock, a little country and instrumental. My system includes the PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport and DAC, Ayon Triton tube amp, First Sound Presence Deluxe MKIII preamp and Tyler Acoustics D1 speakers.
In my oppinion, your going to have to try each one and let your ears make the choise. No one has the same system, you've been down this road before.:)
I have the origonal Lessloss and feel that significantly outperforms the Valhalla, in my system. Yes the Nordost is fast, transparent, but I find it dry and a bleached sound, lacking richness.
I know you don't ask for other recommendations, but the Sablon audio Robusto is cheaper and at least as good as the Lessloss, with a different sound.
I have 2 LL Sigs and 2 Valhallas. I use the Valhalla from the wall to my power conditioner as I have found in this primary role it is more neutral and 3D than the LL Sig. I use that one from Pre to power conditioner, because it gave the sound more body than when I also used Valhalla there. I do not find the Valhalla dry or thin at all; it is different from the IC's, to me. I have tried many of the "big boy" PC's and have found it tio be the most neutral and realistic. The LL Sig is a close second. On digital, my heart still belongs to Elrod PC's.

I second the Elrod PC. I have two, one on the source, and one on the amp. They work great in my system, but one still needs to audition PC's in they're system to make a final call.
I have noticed that the LessLoss sell very fast used. That speaks volumes for the product.The Shunyata PC's also sell very fast on the used market.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
I'm leaning toward the LL based on the price-performance for my amp.

I'm going to check out the Elrod for my DAC.