Lessloss DFPC original vs mini

I'm using Lessloss DFPC original on my integrated amp (Cary SLI-80) and very pleased with improvement in sound. Per the discussions here, this is not unusual. I don't see any comments on using the "mini" version with source components, as suggested by the lessloss web site.

Anyone tried it and care to discuss it?

Don't do it! The Mini is not a suitable substitute for the DFPC in terms of quality. it is about half as good. My SO and I tried it out, returned both. We have Shunyata Black Mamba current iteration and Pythons. Felt a bit more lifelike w/Shunyata cords after the comparisons on two different speakers/setups.
What was most disappointing is that, although the webiste specifies a 15% restocking fee, Lessloss also expects the customer to pay for the exchange conversion rate, so it's more accruate to say 20%, because when they charge you for the Paypal fee to credit you back, plus roll in their conversion rate, this is exactly what it amounts to.
Still, as long as you're KEEPING the cords, this won't be an issue. And they are VERY clear cords, and do not have an upper midrange accentuation, just perhaps a slightly LESS emphasized one. That holds true on both cords, the the DFPC is considerably superior, despite the Lessloss claim of 90 or 95%, whichever they say it is. It is not.
Thank you for the observations. Just to be clear, I think you are saying that (a) you find the DFPC superior to the mini on source components, and (b) you also prefer the Shunyata's on the sources over the DFPC, is that correct?
Lossloss is one of the few cables that work on every type of gear equally well. I've own Shuyata, MIT, PS Audio and so forth, the LessLoss does all well overall where they others really put their sonic or coloration on the gear they were attached to. LessLoss makes your gear just perform better.
I'll second Phillyb,I used anacodas and pythons(all helixes)
the lessloss cleared a haze from the music.
I changed out 12 Shunyatas,no regrets here.
Phillyb and Drummermitchell hit the nail on the head. Especially if you like to experiment and audition many different components - that you know are likely not to stay for a long time - the DFPC Original cords are unbeatable tools, since they will show the gear as it is (even if you might find an even better partner for a particular component in the context of a particular system).

As to the original question, I have experimented with a Mini on CDP and headphone amps. Unquestionably great value for the money, nevertheless, even for the lowest power consuming gear, if you've already had the original DFPC, you will be left with the nagging knowledge the latter can do remarkably better.