Less noise during intense listening sessions.

While I'm listening to many compositions, I find myself breathing through my mouth, trying to hear everything recorded, because I can hear the air move through my nostrils. I don't notice myself doing this until I find myself licking my dry lips.

Am I the only person doing this?

I know, just a little more volume and I won't hear it anymore...

That same thing used to happen to me. The solution turned out to be Pinot Noir. I know it sounds crazy but after two glasses ( 12 oz not 8 oz preferred) I find that I am really relaxing into the music. Great upgrade as well for overall improvement in the sounds quality. Give it a try.
Am I the only person doing this?

Abucktwoeighty (Threads | Answers)
Wouldn't doubt it.

Slow night at the ranch, cowboy?
Turning the volume up to "realistic"(Radio Crap ruined that word for me) SPL levels is a great idea. Then again- 'Gorilla' makes some really strong duct tape that would solve the problem also! Timing would be of the essence if using that stategy though(no doubt).
Yeh I do it too. But more unconsciously I think.
You could move to NYC or to an apartment house or to an apartment house in NYC and then breathing noise would be the least of the extraneous noise that you would hear.


Get some of those nasal strips that hold the nasal passages open. Breathe-Right is the name brand version but Walmart has some called Clear Passage that are much cheaper. They work great for me at night.
I find that liberal use of sound absorbers to line my nasal passages quiets the rush of air through my nose considerably. When combined with Sounds_Real's method, you will have no further problems.--Mrmitch
Put a fan in the room; the constant droning will take your mind off the breathing. ;)
you could shove "SONEX" up your nose.