Less Loss & Shunyata power cords

Wondering if anyone has heard both of them and, if so, what they judge to be their relative sonic strengths and weaknesses. Shunyata, of course, has a larger line-up of power cords -- some costing less and other costing considerably more than the Less Loss offerings. So to keep the comparison fair, let's use the Less loss price spread of roughly $500 to $1,500. Also, anybody tried a Less Loss power cord with a Shunyata conditioner? (I have the Talos and an older Hydra 4). Thanks

You should try the LessLoss Reference before opining on LessLoss's lack of evolution; it is a significant step up from the Signature. That said, I have not heard the equivalent level Zitron PC (Anaconda?).

Fair enough, but the Lessloss Reference is a totally different model at a different price point. The DFPC and Signature remains the same product as it was 8 years ago when I compared. Meanwhile the whole Shunyata PC line at all price points have evolved considerably. That's what I meant.

I had good results snake River audio.  In fact they compared quite favorably to lessloss