Less Loss & Shunyata power cords

Wondering if anyone has heard both of them and, if so, what they judge to be their relative sonic strengths and weaknesses. Shunyata, of course, has a larger line-up of power cords -- some costing less and other costing considerably more than the Less Loss offerings. So to keep the comparison fair, let's use the Less loss price spread of roughly $500 to $1,500. Also, anybody tried a Less Loss power cord with a Shunyata conditioner? (I have the Talos and an older Hydra 4). Thanks

Had talos...nice conditioner...used anaconda cx...no exp w/lessloss...want to see opinions as well
You really can't do it this way. Power product results vary way to much to be meaningful. I know Cable Company has Shunyata products to lend out. Using them would be your best bet. Also, don't worry about how much the cables cost. Its very common to prefer a lower cost cable over a more expensive one. Start off by just picking the cables that sound the best, and go from there.
zd has a good point...I think the anaconda was ok w/talos...found python more musical,sweeter...just had to try anaconda though.
Ages ago I compared the Lessloss DFPC and Signature to the Anaconda Helix Alpha (these are pre Zitron generation). The Lessloss compared favorably and for the price represented excellent value then. I still own them as well as the Anaconda. I suspect the newer Shunyata PCs especially the Zitrons maybe quite a bit ahead at this point as Lessloss has not evolved as much. Would want to find out myself.
You should try the LessLoss Reference before opining on LessLoss's lack of evolution; it is a significant step up from the Signature. That said, I have not heard the equivalent level Zitron PC (Anaconda?).

Fair enough, but the Lessloss Reference is a totally different model at a different price point. The DFPC and Signature remains the same product as it was 8 years ago when I compared. Meanwhile the whole Shunyata PC line at all price points have evolved considerably. That's what I meant.