Less Loss Blackbodies your experience?

What has been your experience with the Less Loss Balckbodies? I am using one on the Cd player( Linermann 825) and one on each Monoblock tube amp. Have a McIntosh C500t tube amp. Using all Stage III power cords, speaker cables and Stage III Gryphon Interconnects all runing to Tidal Contriva Dicera Se speakers. Would apperciate others who have tried Balckbodies to give me feedback. Thanks
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Rnwong - As a preface, I'd be curious to know what your experience has been.
My perception is the musical presentaiton is "clearer". Without the balckbodies is like looking through partially tinted glass versus through a clear window pane. I have only had them less than a week and still evaluating.

If you don't mind may asking, did you simply order the device from the website? Or did you somehow meet the manufacturer?

As you will see in other threads, there has been a lot of suspicion and controversy as to whether posters on Lessloss products have some connection to the company.

Looking forward to your further replies,
I did buy the power cords after hearing them on my brother's system. They did make a difference in clarity and presentation. I e-mailed the company and after reading the reviews I decided to give them a try. I have no connections or other finincial conflicts of interest with the manufacturer.

How did the Lessloss PCs compare to the Stage III? Which one did you keep? Or do they complement each other?
A review was posted on 6moons today.
I have tried all the big name PC's and think LessLoss PC Sigs are among the tops. dead quiet, very smooth, tighten up bass, greater clarity and naturnall overall. Right up there with Valhallas and Elrod Statements.

Never tried BB's. Sound like voodoo to mean, no offense to voodoo intended. But they used to say that about PC's as well.

Voodoo big time.
I have the same Tidal speaker as yours. And I tried BB today, I am not sure BB is well run-in or not, BB is excellent in several aspects, like micro contrast, 3d image, bass, etc., Overall, my original PC presents music better especially for instrumental music. (Tara Labs Cobalt PC).

At the price level of BB vs Cobalt, BB is def. a great valued product.