Less-Loss anyone?

Has anyone heard of Less-Loss cables, my friend claims his new power cable is the most dramatic improvement to the music he has ever heard.
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ebm takes a bm on equipment he doesn't own while yelling hooray for equipment he does own or hopes to own. We should wonder why that is. Tom
Less-Loss makes very good equipment including all types of interconnects etc. I own a few Less-Loss Marc-C power cords.
Touch your power cables. If they are warm, get a larger gauge; if they aren’t, you’re good to go.
If Loss-Less really is the ticket, you’ll need to run it all the way back to the power plant (which could be anywhere in your continent and changes throughout the day).
I use the Less-Loss C-Marc speaker cables and have two of their 
C-Mark Power cables in my system. Very revealing while also super low noise floor. Very happy with the way my system sounds.
I have used their PC's for years. Fine products. Their Firewall for Loudspeakers is a game-changing product. Dramatic improvement in my Magico A3's, no slouches to begin with.


@mdrone - The Firewall for Speakers has two distinct ends one with terminal connections for the speaker cables , the other end has built in cables that are connected to the speaker terminals

I have not tried the Firewall for Speakers on my newish Fidelium speaker cables. The thought of wrestling with my cables behind speakers, etc. is always agonizing and causes procrastination. Any thoughts with using the Firewall for Speakers on the Fideliums? Jeff of Silversmith was skeptical but did not dissuade.  Neal

@nglazer I can't specifically answer your question as I have no experience with the Fidelium cables

Always a fan of LessLoss. Have to say full loom from Mad Scientist Audio is far more musical for less cost. Still use AC and speaker FireWalls.