Less listings

I have not been on Audiogon for a while. I recall there being A LOT more listings a year or so ago. Is there significant less listings with the " new and inferior" format?
It is hard to tell. The powers that be say that sales and membership is way up. Use "Google Analytics" if you want to get specifics on usage and other important data.

This time of year many people have other priorities as well.

Are you looking for something specific. I am upgrading:>}

Seasons Greetings!

Yes, I am looking for an Adcom ACE 515 if I have the numbers... correct. This is a power conditioner.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi Stace

My theory is that budget listings of gear is dwindling on Audiogon. The bigger dollar items will continue to be sold here but the inexpensive stuff with decrease. With the increase of costs to sell on A'gon now the profit margins are really thin for a seller. That and there are more audio sites that have commission free selling as well.

I've read good things about that Adcom ACE-515. Best of luck in your search.
Look at the New Today listings. There seems to be a lot being listed - over 200 new listings per day. It is hard to tell what the mix is for what is being listed, but the raw number of new listings looks pretty high.
I think there are fewer Tweaks being listed. I've been waiting for weeks for someone to offer an Audio Magic Noise Disruptor(the larger of the two),but nobody's offering.
It might be a seasonal phenomenon. I find buyers stingy on Audiogon most of the time but the Christmas season, including when bills come due afterward, is even more challenging.

I have multiple items to sell but won't waste money on fees this time of year. I will try my luck elsewhere and advertise later on Audiogon if they don't sell.
Since Audiogon changed their site their web traffic has dropped by ~30% by Alexa ratings..... Many people I know no longer check the site daily as they had for years and now only use it from time to time.....
I had that Adcom ACE 515 for years.Didnt do a thing,YMMV
Kennyt - the question is whether the traffic drop is just people doing less recreational browsing or whether they are actually going somewhere else to buy or whether they are really buying less. I believe the multi-times a day recreational browsing may be down, but that does not mean the buying is necessarily down.

I don't remember counting on the old system, but 200+ new listings a day seems pretty high.
Andsta I have one that I do.not use. If you like I will list it for you. What is a fair price?
I don't care for the redesigned web site at all, and don't browse here nearly as often as I used to. The old site "just worked". It was reliable and easy to navigate - I've nothing but trouble with the new site.

On top of that, the new site is no longer accessible for me from work. At work, they use some kind of website blocking product, and it blocks Audiogon.com for the reason of "using a dynamic DNS hosting service". The old site did not exhibit this problem. I do most of my web browsing at work, so if I can't view it there, I'm not likely to access it regularly.
This has nothing to do with the new look of the classifieds, but it seems to me that the ratio of commercial to private party ads has increased since I started browsing and buying seven years ago. In addition, the type of businesses selling on Audiogon has changed somewhat. Business advertisers used to be limited to manufacturers selling direct, modifiers and retailers selling used. Now many ads are from retailers selling new. In effect, brick and mortar store are advertising on Audiogon instead of local newspapers. This is not helpful to buyers using Audiogon to reduce the cost of purchase, although it may help buyers not near any brick and mortar retailers.
Audiogon deletes listings directly after a sale.In olden times the listing remained for a while but was marked sold.
Not sure just what the truth is, in spite of our theories, but I do see less listings than before. For me, the listing procedure is flawed compared to other sites. This leads me to list elsewhere.

Just curious. Are you having better success selling elsewhere than you did on Audiogon?
I've spoken to some members who have tried selling their wares on other audio sites. It has been a mix bag of results. Some tube sellers and cable sellers swear by the other sites others who have been selling amps and bigger speakers told me they prefer to sell on Audiogon still.
Less gear that I regularly search for seems to be for sale. Because the searching is so much worse now than before, its tough to say. I conclude that the obvious increase in commercial, non-hobbiest listings has displaced the more earnest ads by users like myself to which I am more accustomed, resulting in my perception of fewer listings. This is reflected in the forums where I find the commercial motivations of posters to be murkier and more confusing that it used to be. Still using it, so the joke is on me.
Ohlala - I agree the search is different than it used to be, but why do you think you are missing items with the new search? I can do everything I used to and more. Although it took time to be implemented, the zip code and miles search is very nice. There are more things I would like to see added, but I do not think I am missing any items because of the new search.
After being charged here for their 2% fee for selling a preamp they dont put that in the total the buyer owes me.Even before Im paid the buggers want their fee and people wonder whats happening here.Chislers and moneygrubbers took over the place,cheers,Bob