Less is more?

I recently changed a Preamp+DAC (Ayon Stratus) to a Preamp+Streamer+DAC (Ayon S10 mk 2 Signature) and losing one box has produced good results.

The Stratos was fed by an Auralic Aries Streamer with LPS (Audioquest Cinnamon USB) and i had to apply (via Roon) a -3bd dip at 1-3Khz  to take off a bright and edgy treble. 

With the S-10 mk2, I don’t need any EQ and the system is detailed without any etch. All the frequency’s are now presented naturally. BTW - Who said WWP 6’s were bright? 😂

The Stratos and S-10 are not far apart in terms of quality and have a similar house sound so it seems logical to conclude that the removal of the external streamer has made this improvement.

I now have a much improved two box digital system rather than three and whilst this may partially limit my upgrade path, in the quest for better digital SQ, fewer components may be a philosophy worth considering?

Source: Qobuz and Roon.

PreAmp\DAC: Ayon S10 mk2 Signature

Power Amp: Karan KAS  270

Speakers: WWP 6’s

Cables: Morrow.

Power: Dedicated 20amp feed.

Room: well damped and treated.

Right. The only box worth adding will have a phono stage inside.
I wonder if you had a streamer with a really noisy power supply.
Hi Erik I did try various conditioners and regenerators over the last few years to isolate the LPA from main system without solving the issue. 
I wondered whether the fact that, with an internal streamer, there is no need to up and down covert the signal to USB and so internal I2S might be helping?