Leslie West has Passed On

I really liked Mountain, and later West, Bruce and Laing. Mountain was my second concert and I'll always have a soft spot. He was a very good guitarist with a sound of his own, and an interesting character too.
First time I saw Leslie, he was onstage in the band The Vagrants, wearing a fishnet cape adorned with feathers (?!). I think as the opening act for The Jeff Beck Group at the original Fillmore Auditorium (Fall of '68). Leslie was playing a Les Paul Jr., which on him looked like a mandolin or ukulele ;-) .
One of my favorite concerts West, Bruce and Laing in Boston Ma just a killer show.
R.I P. 
Yes Leslie was a Queens boy.The Vagrants played at Mather Christi HS my friends went there and it was a great show.I remember seeing Mountain at the big Randall's Island Show they played on a Sunday night to close out the Show...They were fantastic, Van Morrison, Rhinoceros also played.Last time I saw him was at the Paramount in Huntington  NY it was sad seeing him in a wheelchair and missing a leg...RIP Lesile 
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