Leslie & Corky - Need I saw any more????

Well music lovers from the 70's, last night my friend and I went out in NYC to hear some live music, yes that's right, the Mountain Man himself, Leslie West and Corky Lang. The big man put on a show that really brought back so many memories of what music is all about and what a power trio can do for your soul. The man stood up there on stage with two Marshall half stacks, stood back, let it all hang out and had fun. Corky Lang just smiled and made love to his drum set as he always does. The pair still can really make music shine. Yeah they played the classic tunes including Miss Queen, etc., but it was one of the show highlights when the Mountain Man did Jeff Beck's Goin' Down that really showed me what he was made of. Nothin' like the sound of a pair of hot humbuckers and a pair of Marshall half stacks sreamin' in your big ol' ears. Leslie did an acoustic version of House of the Rising Sun that really brings you back to the future for us old folks.

Gosh it was really great to hear the good old stuff again and not the typical new crap that is being played today. They sounded so fresh and clean.

If you get a chance to see them, treat yourself, just sit back and close your eyes and dream!

Sing along with me, While the rest of them dudes weren't making their bread, better beg your pardon I was spending mine!

Happy Listening!
WOWW!! Thanks for posting that lyric from Mississippi Queen, must have heard that tune a thousand times, and never really ciphered it out. What West (cd) recordings do you think sound best on these stinkin' analytical systems so many of us have? The version of Theme For An Imaginary Western (vinyl) on Night of the Guitars (IRS, from 1989) put out the kind of gorgeously raunchy waves of balls out distortion that could really hook a guy and make rehab a very undesirable option.

PS- Some of the Melvins stuff might work for consumers looking to get the old Mountain/West nerve endings hammered some more. Stoner Witch, or Ozma oughtta' do it.
I too was at Gaelic park what a show, then since it was a residential neighborhood the boy's in blue shut the power off because it was too loud and too late the near riot was not fun! I also saw them twice at the Filmore East boy those were the days, I recently met Leslie and Corky when they played at Ocean Beach Park New London CT we had a chance to reminiss they are definately worth the trip. As a guitar player of roughly 40 years worth I still am amazed with Leslies mastry of the pinch harmonics and in an age of sound alikes you never hear anybody compared to Leslie West
. I remember many years ago there was a picture circulating of Leslie playing with Jimi Hendrix and Jimi was playing the bass guitar the caption said to draw your own conclusions, Again one of the premier power groups still rockin after all these years!
Wet, Bruce, and Lang(73?) in Philly at the Spectrum was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.They played all the Mountain songs,and while I love Clapton they "creamed" Cream on the Cream tunes!!!