Les Fleurs by Marsen Jules

I heard a track on Pandora. Bought the CD. It is wonderful. Ambient music I guess. Something very magical going on. Hoping others have heard this. (great sound quality).
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The volume of "unknown to me" music since I started using Pandora and Tunein.com plus many other Internet radio stations is mindboggling.
I have Les Fleurs and Nostalgia by Marsen Jules. Both very nice. An earlier work by him, Herbstlaub, is highly recommended if you can find it.

There is quite a lot of music being made in the ambient/electronic/modern classical genres unknown to most listeners that is really deserving of notice. There is so much to recommend that could be overwhelming to digest so I'll just list two recent favorites to check out:

Bersarin Quartett - II
Greg Haines - Digressions
Good ear.

He also records as krill.minima and ironically has a new release this week. This is his more dub techno moniker vs the stuff he releases under his name a little more to the ambient side. You can sample the new one here:


and you can download his first release for free or name your price here:


He's also featured on the latest Kompact comilation, Pop Ambient 2013.

Should read: Kompakt Pop Ambient 2013

Man o man.....
Thanks all for the additional input and affirmation. Was on the Marsen Jules website last night streaming Nostalgia. Very enjoyable. Will check out the other things he has done as well. Tom6897 is right. There is SO much great stuff happening it's impossible to keep up CERTAINLY not via play-list crippled "classic" FM radio. College stations like WXPN out of the U. of PA Phila are such a blessing.