Length of speaker cables

I just went from 2 channel amp to mono blocks. Is it important that I stop using 4 meter audio quest rocket 88 and downsize to 6 ft? Will there be an audible improvement?
Don't forget to factor in the cost of longer power cords if you are moving your power amps close to your speakers. Going cheap on longer power cords could be a big mistake. In fact, going cheap on any power cords is a big mistake.
Depend what kind of equipment you are using, Sometimes it is not worth to do anything, sometimes it is better to go with better cables 
Well, I run 20’ Vandenhul bi wire cables from my CJ Premier 12 mono blocks to Vandersteen Quattros. I don’t have much choice due to living room layout and wife’s preference.

Am I losing out much?


Responding to "" a_shah's post above, specifically ""I don’t like cables that seem to be used as tone control that is what I found with Silver ( bright) or silver gold alloy"".

Ask yourself ""Are the Speaker Cables somehow changing the Frequenc
y & Sheen of the sound, or just Passing Along  ""the Frequency & Sheen of the sound"", that is presented to them from your upstream electronics?

I say the latter is likely the truth, think about it.

All Low Fidelity systems that I have heard lack the Sheen presented by Cymbals; with many exaggerating the Bass through tone controls. 

Another Canare 4S11 fan here, if you can run them bare or terminate them yourself they are only $1.28 per foot from Redco definitely worth a try. I'm not sure if they offer termination service but check their website.