Length of speaker cable effect bass response?

Due to my room and wife's decorating tastes, I am using 30' runs of bluejeanscable for my speaker cable. It is biwired. However, I seem to be missing some bass response compared to when I had 8' runs of speaker cable by Tara Labs, biwired shot gun. Is the 30' run too long to carry bass information? Thanks
Maybe the design of the cable is different since its 2 companies that you are mentioning.

I bought some BlueJeans Cable a few years ago, but it was going to be used for rear surrounds where I knew it would be over 30 ft, and bought it because it was affordable...and wasnt expecting great sound .

How long have you had the Blue Jean Cables in the system ?
A lot depends on the output resistance of the power amplifier and the guage of the speaker wire. In other words, it can have an effect for the worse. A tube amp with 30 feet of 18 guage wire is a worse case scenario; a Krell amp with 6 guage wire will have much less of an effect.
I have 22ft runs without any loss of bass. I use 12ga ccc Vampire Wire.
I have an NAD int amp, Usher speakers and 30' run of bluejeanscable in biwire config. I have had the cables in my system for 4 months or so.
Did the speakers get moved during the redecorating?

If so, the new location for the speakers is probably far more responsible for any change in bass response than the wire length. This assumes the wire is an appropriate gauge for the speakers and amp involved.
The length of your run should have NO effect wahtspever upon the output of the bass. If you had said 300 ft., well then maybe, but not 30 ft...

Assuming nothing else has changed, the Tara Labs may simply have more bass than the Blue Jeans.
Any chance of moving things back to where they were ?
The speakers remain in their original location. Could the gauge of the bluejeanscable be the cause of lossing bass response or perhaps impedence problems? The cable is 14 gauge (Canare 4S11)
Any possibility one wire may have backwards polarity?
I second HifiTime's question. If the speakers are wired out of phase relative to one another, or if the low frequency and mid/hi frequency bi-wire connections to either speaker are reversed relative to one another, there will certainly be major audible consequences including attenuation of the bass.

I doubt that the length is excessive enough, or the gauge small enough, to result in attenuation of the bass. The resistance of a 60 foot round-trip run of 14 gauge wire is approximately 0.15 ohms. That might be marginally significant if the impedance of the speaker at bass frequencies drops down very low, but my impression is that most or all Usher models do not do that.

-- Al
Time to go to Home Depot and purchased some 12 gauge speaker cable. This is a very inexpensive way to see if it is your present cable, which could in fact be defective. A quick check on the latter would be to switch the cables you have. But in any event, be bold and go to Home Depot to test whether the whole cable game is hold you back.
If you go with the Home Depot 12 gauge wire,keep an eye on it.I had it in a bedroom,and it was turning green inside it behind the dresser.It seemed like a good buy.They may have a different brand by now.