Lenco , With Rega geometry is there some thing

else for the price ? The lenco L 75, I just purchased, and am arm swopping , likes this geometry ( easy to install ) . I don't won't to do a lot of cutting, and won't to stay with in my budget .If there is some thing else to consider I would love to hear about it . Lenco's I hear, love the Rega arm but Is there something better for [[[ Classical music ]]] on the lenco ?

Alex B thank you !
VPI is a drop in replacement for Rega...
I know of two people who have had great results with the 47 Labs RS-A1 tonearm on Lenco L75s, which does not even need to be formally mounted in order to check it out. I heard the combo myself, and it was excellent, superior to that owner's previous SME III/Lenco combo, using the same cartridge.
Great idea . what does it cost, and can you still get them from japan ?

Alex ab
The original Lenco arm has an effective length of about 229 mm, so if you want to do a minimum amount of cutting you need to look for arms of the same length. This includes the Audioquest, Hadcock, Linn, Mayware and Mission arms. The Rega arm has an effective length of about 237-240 mm, so will either need a hole cut in the top plate, the corner of the top plate cut off, or the top plate rotated.

Of course, the other concern is the fact that the platter is partially sunken into the top plate, so that even if the arm fits in the original hole, it will tend to be sitting with the rear end up, so to speak. That is the other reason for cutting off the corner or rotating the top plate.