Lenco TT assembly in L.A.

Can anyone direct me to someone who lives in the L.A. area who can assist me in putting together my rebuilt TT? I would prefer someone that has had experience with these tables to help with this. I have had this beast sitting in a box for over a year and I now have the time and space to finally get it up and running. Tonearms have to be attached, cartridges mounted, etc. Thanks for the help.

Brooks Berdan in Monrovia could be an option. They are very much into analog gear and even have a "museum" of classic analog stuff. They also have their own on site service tech. I'm sure they've mounted a few tonearms and aligned a few cartridges in their time on many a different table. Not sure what they might or might know about Lenco's though, but it's place to start.
Contact Mirko Djordjevic at 714-642-7846. He lives in Huntington Beach. He is very good at making plinths and rebuilding Lenco's. He also makes excellen replacement parts.