Lenco Restorers in the US?


I've acquired a nice old Lenco L75, but it needs to be rebuilt and I don't have the time or skills. I've been looking online for someone in the US who does Lenco restorations, but the only ones I've found so far are in the EU.

Can anyone recommend a Lenco restorer in the US?

I have worked with Mirko at Classic Turntables for my Thorens TD-124 work. I believe that he also provides parts and restoration services for Lencos as well. Mirko's strength is that he makes his own replacement parts, and the quality is top notch. He is located in Southern California.
Thanks, I've heard good things about his Thorens work and it simply didn't occur to me to inquire about Lenco. Cheers!
Mirko does Lencos for sure. His machining skills are top notch.
Link doesn't work...
He was not good as a dealer of turntables parts on ebay.
His site is just 'classic turntables dot com'. Not very useful, since it doesn't appear to have contact information.
I spoke to Mirko on the phone yesterday. I'm going to disregard his troubles on Ebay. I don't think they're v. relevant. His email address is available via Google. And, yes, that website is completely useless. :>

So Steve Dobbins also does Lenco restorations, though he's more well known for Garrards.

I'll post more here if I discover them.
Artisan Fidelity and OMA, but expensive. However, I think the performance potential of an L75 is very high, so the cost of a high end restoration may be justifiable. Also, for parts, "Jeremy" in England. Find his contact info on Lenco Heaven. For DIY, Lenco Heaven is a great resource, and all the guys who post there are very helpful and willing to share. I would start there, actually.
Can someone let us know how to contact mirko
Kbuzz, Try "Lenco parts" or something like that, on eBay. You may conjure up Mirko.