Lenco Lamp Replacement Bulb

Okeedokee, my father just gave me his old Micro Seiki DD33 so I could "get into" vinyl. It has a Lencolamp (or Lenco Lamp if you prefer) and the bulb in it is clearly on it's last legs. It takes a 100-130v bulb, max. 7 watts. Here is my problem--I can't find this bulb. I can part of find similar bulbs, but most are not purely cylindrical bulbs and probably won't fit in the Lenco casing. So I'm not sire what to do. Anyone know where to get this bulb or, better yet, anyone familiar with this thing and can tell me what other bulbs I can use without damaging this little lamp? It is decades old, so I don't want to screw it up.

Many thanks,
Find some sort of part number or similar type marking on the bulb and use it to do a Google search. Using the brand name in your search may help as well. I predict you will find a replacement bulb, but if you don't, forgeddaboudit.
Hi Lewm, thanks for the reply. I actually did that, although admittedly not an exhaustive search. What I found led me to post here. Essentially, I was not able to find anything that met the exact numbers on the bulb, although I realize now that the Lenco can take UP TO 7 watts. I was looking for only 7 watts. my other issue was the shape of the bulbs. The only bulb I have is a cylinder, whereas the bulbs I found that were close to the specs of the Lenco seemed to be shaped like those old gashed Christmas bulbs (do you know the ones? They had a dull point, widening at the middle, and then tapering inward again to the screw tip.).

So I am stuck with bulbs that don't seem to fit and/or bulbs that don't meet spec. I've never run into this before. I must be looking in the wrong place or going about this the wrong way.
Gotta be......