Lenco L75 tonearm compatibility

Hi guys i just bought a lenco L75 and i would like to change the stock arm to a better one.. Right now I'm thinking of using a jelco 750d are there other better alternatives? The budget should be at least around the price of the jelco if not a little higher..
There is really no limit to what tonearm you can use with the Lenco, The turntable, when properly refurbished and mounted, can reveal very subtle differences among very expensive tonearms. I would think more about what cartridge(s) you will use, and I would match tonearm and cartridge, rather than tonearm and Lenco.
One really matches a tonearm to a cartridge moreso than to a turntable. What cartridge are you using?
Now im using ortofon 2m red but im using it with my old rega table.. I just bougt a sme m2-9 unfortunately it was too high even on the lowest setting of the arm, In order for me to use it is to remove the cue unless im going to mount it on the plinth. But i want to use the original hole on the table.
Xtian, I would suggest that you do some research at Lenco Heaven:


They have a nice forum there as well and the members can tell you what arm will drop in on your L75. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel; these guys have been through all of this before and can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Happy listening.
Xtian, I have seen one person who used a Hadcock 242 that fit within the existing hole of the L75.