Lenco L75 setup and running - What Next?

I've been ill, had a couple surgerys, but now ready to get back into my project. I setup the TT and installed a denon 103r.
I'm using a NAD 1020A for a phono stage (from my old analog setup from 25 or more years ago).
I've been at this stage for about a month and have not listened to a cd since.
My question is - what next?
Plinth? Tonearm? Phono Stage?
I'm not sure I'm yet capable to tackle the plinth but, if that's whats next so be it.

BTW this message took about 45 minutes to write. I am listening to a pristine copy of Madman Across the Water I picked up for a couple bucks. It's so wonderful, I remember this music, haven't heard it in a while, even though I have the CD.
Go to Lencolovers.com , planty info and guys to help you with your questions.
I would start with heavy and stable new plinth add Rega 300 arm with Denon 103R cart and invest in quality step up transformer to squeeze the most out of demanding Denon cart.

Spin more records they seem to be making you feel better.There are loads of them you can pick up "for a couple of bucks".That's my Rx for wellness.Sorry for off thread ,but feel better.
Tonearm! Tonearm! Tonearm!

the Rega variety tends to work well with both the Lenco and the 103R. I'd go with the 250.