Lenco L75-S16

Hey guys, I'm in the process of overhauling my entire system. One item I found is a NOS Lenco L75-S16 turntable. I purchased it maybe 10 years ago but never did the project. It's brand new and is still  in the factory box.  It's in great shape since it's been in air conditioned storage.  Is this still one of the "desirables" for vinyl aficionados?  
Have a look on "lencoheaven " for mods on lenco and the building of a serious plinth. In case you have two left hands you can buy a plinth in birch plywood new
To answer your question, yes, the Lenco L75 is "still" desirable.  Just go to Lenco Heaven and soak up the enthusiasm and the ever more creative ways in which guys have tweaked their L75s.  There's no end to what you can do to it.  Mine is in a 60-lb slate plinth, sitting in a PTP3 steel plate that immobilizes the whole assembly and is firmly affixed to the slate by bolts (see Peter Reinders on Lenco Heaven; he makes the PTP).  It has a huge aftermarket bearing and spindle made in England, and the platter has been dampened to reduce ringing.  The platter mat is a Boston Audio Mat1, my favorite, and the speed is controlled precisely by a Phoenix Engineering Eagle and Roadrunner. (Google is your friend.)
Total investment is about $1600; a little less than half of that was to pay for the Phoenix Engineering components, the most recent addition.

Peter Reinders also makes plinths out of Corian.  So you can have plywood (from John Nantais and many others), slate (from OMA, although I had mine made for me by direct contact with slate companies), or Corian.

Wow yes I remember LencoHeaven from when Infirst was looking at picking one up. There are some beautiful and incredible works of art out there!  

Unfortunately for me, vinyl has finally come to an end and I've gone to the dark side of digital. I guess I will have to reluctantly put it up for sale. Sounds like the value has risen from 10 years ago. Haha I do need a new integrated amplifier maybe I could get a good trade out of it!  Any ideas on a fair asking?
$300-$350 on Ebay. For your NOS, maybe $400+


Your L75-S16 turntable is the ultimate, classic, end-of-production-forever heavy platter Lenco. It was manufactured only in Italy from 1982-1984, and has the newest and most refined components (and the least degraded by age parts - 35 years max, as opposed to the ones from the very early sixties).

So DO NOT sell it for $300-$400 dollars to someone who will chop it up for parts because you've priced it like an old beater Lenco. These are rare, rare, rare, I'd never even seen one before (I live in the USA) until I ran across your AGON post.

Start at $800 on eBay USA (maybe hight, and see where it goes from there.

Gee, Scott.  The thread is 7 months old. What are the odds that "autre" has not already sold his Lenco?  Small, I would guess.

But apart from being made in Italy, which might make the L75 S16 "rare" from a collectible point of view, how does that fact make it better or more desirable, vis a vis performance, than a typical Swiss-made L75?  You say it has the "heavy platter".  Heavier than what platter?  I don't doubt you; I am just curious.  I have a late model Swiss-made L75 that I bought NOS several years ago; it has the 8-9 lb platter that I thought was the heaviest they made for the L75.