Lenco L70 need help

I recently recieved a Lenco L70. However it is missing the headshell. Does anyone know of a source for parts for this model? I believe the L59 and L70 were pretty much the same tables with minor cosmetic differences. Also looking for a copy of the manual to find out how to adjust the tracking weight. Thanks for any help you can offer
Post this on the "Home Despot"(under analog) thread that's where all the Lenco players are at. Someone might even have one for you for free!

I have a Bogen Presto L-70 headshell that I'd be happy to send you for the cost of shipping.
However, it comes in close to the better part of what an entire Sonus Formula IV tonearm weighs. This is pillbox!
Would you consider re-arming this Lenco?
E-mail me. I'll send pics of both the L-70 headshell and the Sonus that does very nicely in the same armhole.