Lenco L 75 turntable, need 60 cycle capstan,

Hi, I bought a Lenco L75 turntable on Ebay that is from the UK. Over there the turntable runs on a 50 cycle capstan. Here in the USA we need a 60 cycle capstan. How do I buy one or do I need a new motor. If I need a new motor where do I buy it and how much would it cost? I thank you very much................Warren
There is no capstan on a Lenco L75. Do you refer to the idler wheel? The idler wheels are the same diameter for all, so far as I know. Here is a quote from Lenco Heaven:

The Lenco motor is a 4 pole ac motor, which keeps itÂ’s speed synchronized with the power line frequency. There is little or no speed variation with line voltage, which makes it a very good motor for a turntable.
The basic design of the motor has not changed significantly over time, and lenco motors are interchangeable between models.
Two main versions of the motor exist, a 110/220 volt 50 Hertz (Euro) version, and a 110 volt 60 Hz (US) version. For both versions, power consumption is 15 to 19 watts. (Actual currents: 85 ma @ 220V/50 Hz, 140 ma @ 110V/60 Hz)
There is a rare third motor type which is a 110/220 volt, 50/60 Hz motor. The Lenco label for a turntable with this motor shows both line frequencies, not just one as it does in the case of the other two motors.

Check the labels on the AC inputs to your motor.