Lenco G68 any info would help?

I am looking to purchase a Lenco G68 for the amount of $75.00. Is this to much for this unit, and is this a good lenco model for that price. Would like some info, what should I look for when I do inspect this unit. Also where to have a proper TT base built? Thank you all for the response.
Never heard of a G68. Is this tt a GL68? Check for speed control on the right hand side of the platter. If so, it is a light platter version which is ok, but not one of the models folks are buying for high end sound.

thank you for this small but important info.
Are you sure it's a G68 and not a GL78? If it's a GL78 or L78, then it's a good'un. Check for the heavy very low-profile platter, and of course an idler-wheel.
I am sorry my error, it is a GL68.