Lemo phono connector

Has anyone tried to find a phono cable (VPI table) with a lemo connector? I need .5 meter with a lemo on one end and an xlr on the other. Non of the web sites I've seen mention a lemo. A din yes. No lemo. Does bypassing my connector plate on my turntable do enough good to be worth the trouble?
Thank you

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What exactly do you want to do? LEMO from VPI to one XLR doesn't work, because the LEMO is 2 channel balanced floating (4-pin) and the XLR is 1 channel balanced with ground reference (3-pin). Check www.mr-labs.net and send me an email, I can help you.
John, the link to the Mouser website refers to a similar, but not the correct connector. The mating connector for the LEMO plug as used with VPI arms is the LEMO PHG.0B.304.CLLD52Z, unfortunately not available at Mouser. A workaround is to use the LEMO socket according to this link: