Lemo phono connector

Has anyone tried to find a phono cable (VPI table) with a lemo connector? I need .5 meter with a lemo on one end and an xlr on the other. Non of the web sites I've seen mention a lemo. A din yes. No lemo. Does bypassing my connector plate on my turntable do enough good to be worth the trouble?
Thank you
Check with Straight Wire. They can make it quickly and affordably.
are you referring to female Lemo and male XLR, bypassing the junction box?

I had the same idea, search all over the place and could not find any dealer selling the female Lemo connector to build phono wire straight to the RCA connectors.
If you talking the Krell Cast type Lemo, try this place;

Good luck,
Try Michael Percy audio on line. He may be able to build you what you want.
What exactly do you want to do? LEMO from VPI to one XLR doesn't work, because the LEMO is 2 channel balanced floating (4-pin) and the XLR is 1 channel balanced with ground reference (3-pin). Check www.mr-labs.net and send me an email, I can help you.
Thank-you all for the help. I'll try contacting all three.
John, the link to the Mouser website refers to a similar, but not the correct connector. The mating connector for the LEMO plug as used with VPI arms is the LEMO PHG.0B.304.CLLD52Z, unfortunately not available at Mouser. A workaround is to use the LEMO socket according to this link:


Can someone tell me the exact model number for the Lemo connector for the VPI tonearm? I would like to make my own Lemo-to-RCA cables.

The engraving on the connector says "FGG.0B" series but no indication of exact model. I looked up Mouser catalog and found two similar ones, judging by the pictures, but not sure which one is the exact model for the VPI. I also cannot find the matching female connector.

>FGG.0B3.04.CLAD52 male

>FGG.0B.304.CYCD52 male

So, which one is the right one and which one is the matching female connector?

Any helpful info is appreciated.


Sorry for the bad links above.

After thorough visual examining and process of elimination, here's my result. Any error, please correct me.

Connector Male = FGG.0B series 4-pin solder type w/collet = FGG.0B.304.CLAD52

Connector Female = EGG.0B series 4-pin solder type w/o collet = EGG.0B.304.CLL

Am I close to the mark?

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