Lehmann PWX blown fuse - what amperage replacement

I just took delivery of a Lehmann Cube SE with PWX power supply. When the LED on the cube did not come on I checked for blown fuses and found one in the PWX power supply. Manual does not state (at least that I could find) which replacement to use. Fuse is a 250V 5x20mm, thats all I know.

I ended up going to Radio Shack and getting a 1.5A / 250V fast acting fuse. Think that's ok?

Oh and yes I did email Lehmann already...I am just too anxious and want to listen to some LPs.
Just cut a legnth of coathanger and throw it in. That way you dont have to worry about replacing the fuse! :)
Good one Slappy! Almost as funny as the response I got from the kid working at Radio Shack when he asked what the fuse was going into. "A phono stage for my turntable. Actually it's the power supply for the phono stage" I said. The kid then replied "What kind of table did you say your phone had?". I got a pretty good chuckle out of that and then had to explain to this kid that I listen to records.
Ohhh man, that is sad!

So this thing doesent have any amp markings on it? That is not good. You think they would have the ampere rating on the fuse itself.
You might want to check with the manufacturer if you can get ahold of them. I'd be pretty hesitant to put any fuse in it unless i knew what it was suppsoed to be.
After all, if the fuse blew, there might be something wrong with the unit. If you put a fuse that is rated higher than what is required then you might end up frying something other than the fuse
In case anyone else has this problem I got an email from Norbert Lehmann...how is that for customer service!

The two fuses are a 630mA slow at 120V and a 315mA slow at 240V.