Lehmann Black Cube Se with the VPI Scoutmaster

I'm a novice to turntables which probably explains why I'm wondering whether I should choose between a high output or low output cartridge to go with my Lehmann Black Cube SE solid state phono preamp and VPI Scoutmaster turntable. You can use any type of cartridge with the Black Cube SE because there are switch adjustable settings located underneath the Black Cube. But would a high output or a low output cartridge be more suitable with the Lehmann, or does it make a difference? And would a moving coil cartridge or moving magnet cartridge be more suitable? Thanks
Until about a year ago, I used a Black Cube SE as my phono preamp, and tried both MM and MC cartridges with it. Based on my personal experience, I think the Black Cube SE is better suited to higher-powered MM cartridges (at least 1.5 mV output) than to MC cartridges.
I am running a Scoutmaster (w/JMW 9 Signature arm) with a Black Cube SE right now. My cartridge is a Dynavector Karat. Its a very low output MC (0.23mV). I ran a high output Grado MM and the Dynavector line all the up to my current Karat.

I can hear some noise, but its as expected. A super low output MC will test the noise floor of any phono stage. I usually don't listen with my ear 1 inch from the tweeter so it does not bother me. I did not hear this noise with the higher output cartridges, however I feel the better sounding/performing Karat far out weighs this minor issue.

My $0.02 is to disregard cartridge type find and find one in your price range that will match the tone arm and your sonic preferences. I bet the Black Cube SE will deliver. The Cube SE is a flexible phono stage offering up good all around performance.
Let me clarify my first post. My comment that the Black Cube SE seems better suited for MM cartridges than MC cartridges was based on my impressions of the sound quality. The Black Cube has sufficient gain to handle many MC cartridges, although I think about 0.4-0.5 mV output is the lower limit. When I heard the Black Cube with very low output MC cartridges, I personally did not care for its sound quality, and would therefore recommend another phono preamp if you intend to use a very low output MC cartridge in your system.
Sdcampbell, the Black Cube SE is the only phono stage I have used in my system. I have heard many other phono stages, but not in my own system. So my comments should have been prefaced with that little back ground info.

You may be correct in your post, I was not trying to disagree, rather just share my own experiences. I understand that the Karat is testing the limits of this phono stage, but its a combo I tried and was better than the last so here I sit.

By the way, what did you change too for your phono stage and how did it rate against the Cube?
Sorry to take so long answering your post, but the past three weeks have personally rather difficult. When I replaced my Black Cube SE, I bought a Bryston BP-1.5 phono preamp, and to say that it was major improvement is an understatement. Of course, it sells for about 3 times the price of the Black Cube SE, so it should be better -- but, to be frank, I was surprised how MUCH better. I bought a used BP-1.5 from one of our A-gon members, and have been very pleased with its performance.