Lehmann Black Cube SE or SE II or keep my Jasmine lp2 mkII?

Which one would you go with to try / purchase used?  Or should I just hold on to my Jasmine?  Details listed on my system page...

The Lehman is a great unit.  I know as my friend had it for years.  Very good for the money
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Yes, but which Lehman SE, the I or II? Does the II have the separate power supply?
I had Lehman SEII it was good and very clear. I always buy 2nd hand because if i don't like it i can sell it without losing money. 

I bought a 2nd hand Aesthetix Rhea now, it has 3 inputs and is tube. i wanted tube because my pre amp and amp are sold state. The Rhea has the sound I was after. 

I sold the Lehmann for a bit more than what i paid for it. The Rhea cost $3,500 vs $550 for the Lehmann SEII